Last week we posted details surrounding the then-upcoming bundles of retro Elite Collection and Elite Collection HD for the iPhone and iPad, set to launch this past weekend. As we've learned from Elite Systems, the collections are still upcoming, unfortunately.

Elite Systems' Steve Wilcox explains,

We spend countless hours tracking down the current owners of the classic 8-bit home computer games (and the associated intellectual properties) which we include in our Apps. We come across some fascinating people and stories whilst doing so.

Earlier this week, an organisation - from whom we’d previously received a written “clearance” - claimed an interest in a trademark in one of the twenty five games in the Apps. This interest does not appear on the public records.

Since one of our declared goals for the “Elite Collection” Apps is, “to restore some order to the market for 8-bit home computer games” we needed some time to check the claim. At the time of writing, that claim is still being reviewed and we felt it would be inappropriate to release the Apps until it had been dealt with.

Wilcox, at the same time, took the opportunity to share some rather good news concerning his studio's forthcoming 8-bit offerings. He indicates that the delay should provide the opportunity to include some additional "AAA" titles to the mix when, or shortly after, they are released. The coming titles he speaks of are likely to include an excellent collection of games from Interplay Productions: the classic fantasy RPG The Bard's Tale (I, II & III), the post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland, as well as Dragon Wars and Neuromancer.

Elite expects the delay of the Elite Collection and Elite Collection HD to be brief -- perhaps a couple of weeks. For details on the (at least) 12 titles launching in the collections, have a look at our post from last week.

  • Phil Baxter

    I'm always in favour of bringing back old C64 and Amiga classics, but the notion of an 'HD' version of this emulator is absurd. Elite - stop trying to cheat people who own both devices and just make it universal with saves stored in iCloud.  Separate 'HD' versions need to go away.

  • Aaron Sullivan

    That Bard's Tale cover caused a wash of nostalgia over me. Haven't seen that in a long time, but I was young and I remember really studying it. That game got insane with its solutions and puzzles, never did get that far but my Dad was methodical and there were always little piles of graph paper around all marked up with his own code for remembering things. Loved Wizardry and the Bard's tale. They really lit up my imagination. Ultima even more so up until 5 and then improvements in imagery started taking over all PC games with mixed results for decades. Oops. Rambling a bit. lol.

  • steven bell

    I also loved The Bards Tale and had loads of maps on square graph paper. Don't know how this will work on ios

  • David Markowitz

    Oh wow, Bard's Tale??!  I played the heck out of the first one - finished it after many many hours of mapping out the dungeons.  An awesome game.  Then Dragon Bane came out for Palm OS, and it was the same idea, but just not quite as good.  It would be cool to play BT again - and I never did get to play the 2nd and 3rd in the series.  And Wasteland - I got that game for free while working at EA, but never got to play it cuz it was too outdated.  I wasn't planning on getting Elite, but I may have to reconsider...

  • James Kochalka

    Some of these games are already available individually, right?

  • Frank Quickmix Hassas

    Great RPG's. Need them 🙂

  • Sully TheUnusual

    So it's been 5 months... Update? Looking forward to Wasteland if it's really even coming.