Not to be left out in the holiday liquidation going on in the App Store at the moment, Namco Bandai has been conducting some price-slashery magics of its own. Starting today and rolling into the weekend, you can save oodles on the publisher's stable of titles. Games like Pac-Man and Mr. Driller and even its Universal selection of titles including Fossil Feast are available at either at $.99 to $3.99. That's not bad, really, considering what price these things usually sit at when there isn't a holiday to celebrate. Yay, Halloween!

Here's the full list of the sales we've caught so far:

I'm a huge fan of Puzzle Quest 2, and even though it's hovering around a "premium" price point during this ale, it's still worth picking up. The match-3 component is as rich and strong as ever, and the dungeon-crawling and RPG aspects do wonders for the title. You can check out our review here.

  • Anonymous

    Really,Puzzle Quest 2?Especially with the recent update the original puzzle quest is so much better.PQ 2 is plagued by long loading times,repetetive loot/door breaking system and overall more boring as the original.Read the review again and can't agree with the 4.5 stars.For anyone who's not familiar with puzzle quest i do not recommend it .Try chapter 1 of the original,it's free for the weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you. I love the PQ series but PQ1 is definitely the best.

  • Anthony Perna

    am i the only one for whom only about half of these discounts are actually showing up?  both the pac-man games and the brain training game remain stubbornly at full price.

  • Anthony Perna

    sorry for double post

  • Brandon Blokzijl

    Still no sale in the Netherlands. Doesn't look like Bandai is throwing the sale here :(.

  • Assad

    Looks like the sale is US only, not a single one of these is on sale here in Canada.