Namco Bandai Throws Halloween Sale, Too

Not to be left out in the holiday liquidation going on in the App Store at the moment, Namco Bandai has been conducting some price-slashery magics of its own. Starting today and rolling into the weekend, you can save oodles on the publisher’s stable of titles. Games like Pac-Man and Mr. Driller and even its Universal selection of titles including Fossil Feast are available at either at $.99 to $3.99. That’s not bad, really, considering what price these things usually sit at when there isn’t a holiday to celebrate. Yay, Halloween!

Here’s the full list of the sales we’ve caught so far:

I’m a huge fan of Puzzle Quest 2, and even though it’s hovering around a “premium" price point during this ale, it’s still worth picking up. The match-3 component is as rich and strong as ever, and the dungeon-crawling and RPG aspects do wonders for the title. You can check out our review here.