Our main man at Kode 80, Ben Hopkins, launched a huge update to 1-Bit Ninja [$1.99] yesterday, adding in the ability to save video and export your game replays from your photo roll. Making this sweeter, the game now also supports an unlockable "follow-cam" that should add to the dramatic flair of whatever you choose to unleash on the Internet. This update comes as a free download to a platformer built around the pride of a perfect run and the thrill of accomplishing ridiculous feats of skill and memorization.

Another thing to mention about this update? 1-Bit Ninja now has Game Center support. You'll be able to earn some achievements, as well as see your times on an in-game leaderboard. Neat!

We're pretty big fans of 1-Bit Ninja, so we're stoked to see a new iteration. On an unrelated note, we spoke with Kode 80's Hopkins earlier this September on The TouchArcade Show and got a good sense that things like this update were coming down the pipe. He also spoke to an HD version for the iPad, which we sincerely hope is still something he's interested in.

  • Anonymous

    would b good were there the ability to turn left,might as well make a running game with the main character with 1 leg and say, well at least its hard and that means good.None so blind as those who cannot see!?.

  • Anonymous

    Best game ever...