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‘Galcon’ Creator Teases at His Next Upcoming Game ‘Chickon’

Hey, have you recently found yourself wondering what Phil Hassey, the creator of the award winning multiplayer strategy game Galcon [$1.99/Lite], has planned for his next game? Well, if you have, then I’ve got some news for you. Unfortunately, it isn’t the highly detailed kind of news, but today Phil has sent over some teaser information for his upcoming game Chickon. So, what do we know about Chickon? So far we know it involves chickens, and it’s from the maker of Galcon. Chickens + Galcon = Chickon. You may be able to see where this is going.

According to Phil, the game will involve chickens battling robots in order to save roosters who are dressed up as…pimps? Yep, rooster pimps. It sounds like this game is not trying to take itself seriously at all, and he describes that it’s a game he made over this past summer just as a silly distraction. Silly or not, Galcon had some serious gameplay chops, so if Chickon is following in the same vein then it could end up being a surprisingly engaging affair. Go ahead and check out the first teaser trailer for the game, which doesn’t actually show any gameplay or even anything from a video game at all, but it does feature a guy in a chicken suit, which is always fine by me:

Aside from the odd live-action guy in a chicken suit video, Chickon also has its own landing page on the Galcon website. There isn’t exactly any more information there either, but it’s probably a good place to keep your eyes on to see any new developments. Chickon is aiming to launch in the next few weeks according to Mr. Hassey, that is, as long as everything goes nice with Apple approval and all that. We’ll try to sniff out some more details on Chickon before its release, and in the meantime, if you’re looking for some good strategic gameplay to pass the time, then definitely make sure you own a copy of Galcon or the iPad equivalent Galcon Fusion [$1.99]. They’re truly excellent.