The original Zombieville USA [$1.99 / Lite] hit very early in the life of the App Store and was one of the many initial indie success stories that helped to spur the whole iOS development gold rush. Heck, it wasn't even called iOS back then. Since then, Mika Mobile has gone on to release OMG Pirates! [$1.99] and the absolutely fabulous Battleheart [$2.99]. In fact, if you haven't played or heard of Battleheart, you really need to take a time out and our review of it.

Anyway, Zombieville USA 2 [99¢] seems to be a great sequel so far in every way. It takes the formula from the original, adds tons of unlockable content, full Game Center integration, iCloud support for cross-device syncing… And best yet, co-op multiplayer either locally via Bluetooth or online via WiFi.

We're going to give the game a thorough once over in our upcoming review, but our initial impressions are remarkably positive, folks on the forums like it, and the developer is already talking about tweaks for the first update.

  • Chaz Oswald

    WOW! Amazing! Tons of customizing, characters, guns, And a mix of 2D & 3D! :O -bought

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, I still play the first one occasionally. Is 0.99 an introductory price or will it remain that price, seems kind of low.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yes! Props to Apple for approving in less than a week 😀

  • Anonymous


  • Paul Lenoue

    I hate this game.  The original was fun, simple, proceed at your own pace, the perfect game to play when you wanted to relax and have a little fun.  Zombieville 2 is too complex to have fun, too demanding to play, and a timer?  What the hell?  Do I look like I need a freakin' game shoving me along with a stupid timer that ends a level after a few seconds?  And as for the new controls, I can't keep my thumb on that tiny circle and it's constantly turning me around so I can't shoot the zombies.  The 3D playing field means I can't hit a damn thing because I'm not exactly on the same level while the zombies have no trouble eating my brains from a mile away.

    Complexity should only be added to a game to make it more fun, not just for complexity's sake.  I'll continue to play Zombieville prime, but I'm trashing this stress monkey as soon as I finish this comment.

    Wish I could demand my 99¢ back just so the people who made this realize how disappointed I am in this twisted perversion of good game.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your comment about the controls but I enjoy the new gameplay. If you prefer the original you also might like Dino Cap 1 & 2, very similar and a competent clone.

    • MarkEightThree

      I'm enjoying the time attack gameplay of it. To be honest the original lost it's challenge and got extremely boring once you leveled up all of your weapons. I agree with the wonky controls though, there's been a few times were my character came to a dead stop because my finger wasn't in the right position. I think a floating pad might be a better option than the current fixed one.

      • Paul Lenoue

        Even though Zombieville prime ran out of steam after you maxed out your weapons, it was still a low-stress fun diversion for when you had ten minutes to kill.  Putting a mandatory timer in makes the game frustrating because just as you're hitting your stride the game ends.  Adding the vertical dimension just adds to the stress.  I wish they added all of the new customizing features (which I can't access because I can't earn enough money because that stupid timer keeps me from getting the hang of it) to Zombieville prime, instead of wasting it in this game.

        Pholly, thanks for the tip on Dino Cap.  Fun game!

  • David Nguyen

    I'm kinda sick of Zombie themed games but to the developers credit he was one of if not the first ones to come out with a Zombie iOS game. I'll probably buy this anyways because in addition to being a only dollar (even though many great games are but still!) it's also universal 😀

  • Oxi

    I was a little disappointed about there being points awarded for Zombie-kills this time instead of money. In the first game, it was easy to keep track of your cash, here...well, it´s there but I don´t yet know how it´s calculated.

    May other gripe is with the apparent absence of house-raiding (which was a lot of fun in ZV1) and the 3D-movement. I don´t really see the appeal there. Sure, it´s easier to get away from Zombies but as Paul already mentioned, the V-Pad is not very good and it´s too easy to slip off the tiny movement-area and simply stop moving.

    Now, I´ve only played for 10, 15mins so it might still win me over but so far I´m not as pleased as I should be with a successor to such a great and simple game as ZV1...

    • Anonymous

      There is money, try smashing stuff in the environment such as lawnmowers and mailboxes.

  • danijel korov

    Thx god for jb. I was actualy ready to buy this, but now... No thx. MC3 RULES!!!!

  • Willem Blankenburgh

    As a big fan of the first installment and of MikaMobile in general, I'm a bit disappointed. There is something clunky, rushed and unsatisfying about the whole package. (The unwieldy joypad. The unnecessary 3D plane. The convoluted upgrade menus. The insane amount of repetitive grinding required to get all weapons and skills to max level.) I just hope that this was rushed out because everyone at MM is working on an amazing Battleheart update...

  • Danny Perski

    Has anyone played this in co-op mode with a friend? Its absolutely incredible. 

  • Sander Nemvalts

    dam, my iPod broke today. Not buying new one.

  • Kirk Denard

    I'm with everyone on how the v-pad is not as good as it should be, that thing needs to be bigger, or have it so it keeps going if your finger leaves the circle.  Another thing that i found a problem with, and its a HUGE one; i was playing for about 2 hours or so and got into the game pretty good, maxed out my shotgun and unlocked almost every level.  stopped playing the game and ended the process from multitasking and when i went back to play, EVERYTHING WAS GONE.  My achievements were still there, but all my unlocks, my kill count, my money, GONE!!!!  Played one level and exited and re-opened and SAME THING, nothing is being saved except the achievements.

    Another thing is that it takes a LONG time to level your stuff up and unlock/upgrade all the power ups.  On their site, they say they already submitted an update to Apple fixing some of the bugs and issues some users are having with the game, and i hope they fix the not saving part, the v-pad, and maybe made it so that when you kill a zombie you get points AND some money, instead of just a random zombie dropping a little cash.

    As for the shortage of cash, i noticed that with the 'daddy warbucks' power up maxed out at 25% more cash and at Paisley Valley, i usually only get around $800-$1200 a round and when unlocking a power up is $1000 and most of them have a progression of $1000 more each level up on a power up ($1000 to unlock 'Huntsman', $2000 for next upgrade, $3000 for next, $4000, and then $5000) your spending about $15,000 just to max out ONE power up, that doesnt include unlocking the weapon and then it's upgrades.  So, at the best, it would take me about 15 rounds to max the power up, and at 3 minutes a round, a total of 45 minutes.  Lets average that out to about 40 minutes a power up, since some of them only cost $1000 after the unlock for each upgrade.  With 23 Power Ups that would take 920 minutes (15.33 hours), and done even get me started on the weapons, cause those cost more to unlock and even more to upgrade.  I would take a wild guess and say a total of about 200+ hours to unlock EVERYTHING.

    These are just some of my finding, some of by concerns, and some of my whining, overall, i love the game and it's a PERFECT time waster (except having to start over every time that i accidently close it out from multitasking). 

    Good job with the game, now just smooth out the kinks and this will be one of the funniest, most entertaining games i have played.