I'm not totally sure what the occasion is, but there sure does seem to be a ton of sales going on this week. Perhaps it's some pre-Halloween celebrating, or maybe developers have seen the number of new iPhones sold this month and want to capitalize on all of the potential new iOS gamers. Whatever the reason though, I don't think anyone will argue with getting some great deals on some new games. Without further ado, here's a list of some recent price drops and freebies from the past 24 hours:

A couple of things about the list above. First of all, all the versions of the original Puzzle Quest games have been updated with iOS 5 support and visual enhancements (including Retina Display support), as well as have been tuned up in the way of bug fixes. Second, Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising is due to get a humongous update with a brand new campaign available via IAP, and we'll be giving that a spin and will report back on it soon. But, the sale is supposed to only last until the update hits, so if you have any interest then you should definitely jump on it quickly.

In fact, that pretty much goes for every sale, as the prices can fluctuate on a whim. Make sure to jump at the chance to grab what interests you before these sales run out, and always keep a copy of the AppShopper [Free] app on your device to stay on top of the constantly changing App Store.

  • Eraser1974

    And I was just about to buy Reckless Getaway! Glad I didn´t! That happened to me too often, that a game I bought became free the day after!

    Downloaded all of the free games now. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    If you're picking up Puzzle Quest, it's worth noting that the extra chapters are $1 IAPs, making it more economical to download the free Chapter 1 and buy Chapter 2 as IAP than to download the $2 Chapter 1 & 2.

  • Rob Bates

    Today is Diwali. In the IT community it's a pretty big deal.

  • Anonymous

    HyperShip Out of Control is a nice surprise.. not referring to it being free, but just a very fun, retro-inspired game.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jebsapps Jebs Apps

    For another GREAT app to scare your friends and family this Halloween, check out "The Mirror."  It can be used as a regular mirror or flip the switch and after a short delay, a scary image jumps out, accompanied by a bone chilling scream!  Check it out at http://themirror.jebsapps.com/tmlink.php - ONLY $0.99 through Halloween!

  • Anonymous

    The best game in this list is Puzzle Quest. What a gem of a genre bending game. I like it the best in the series so far. Reckless Getaway comes second. You can't fo wrong when it's free! :-p