Apple has been doing a variety of crazy promotions on iTunes for, well, basically forever. Free songs given away in all kinds of ways, free apps through Starbucks, and now, apparently, promo code generation through Facebook? I don't understand the dark rituals taking place behind the scenes to extract promo codes from the ether, but here's what I do know:

Following this link and mashing a few buttons on Facebook will get you a promo code to download Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride [99¢] for free. It's the first of a new promotion process courtesy of Apple, and I can't wait to see what else they end up giving away for free. Now, I've got no idea either how long this promotion is going to last, when it's going to rotate to something else, and how many promo codes there are to give away. This news is so hot off the press I burnt my hands.

Seriously, we love Jetpack Joyride and there is absolutely no reason to not take advantage of this offer. Also, it seems you can even generate a code if you already own the game, and then give that code to someone else.

Exciting times we live in.

  • Richard Drysdall

    "...there is absolutely no reason to not take advantage of this offer."
    Except that I'd have to get a Facebook page, and I'm trying to be the only person in the world who hasn't signed up to Facebook.

    • Anonymous

       You can make one without any personal info for stuff like this. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Another reason to not take advantage of this offer is so that you can pay Halfbrick for this awesome game.

      • Anonymous

        If Apple is giving codes away themselves, then I'm guessing they are still paying out to Halfbrick and just eating the cost on their end as advertising.

      • Alan Baldwin

        Yeah, this is why I justified it.  I doubt they're getting the full amount, but they're still getting something for it, I'd imagine.

  • Doug Davies

    Wow, I don't remember Apple providing a way for us to do this. Must have to be one of the big boys.

  • Anonymous

    Make sure you turn off adblocking or it will never load. As with all Facebook apps, this one is as badly done as well. You must like the App Store Facebook page before it'll give you a code to redeem. Also, it automatically launches iTunes if it's not running.

    But hey, I saved $0.99.

  • Kihon

    Any clue if Apple will open this feature of generating promos to 3rd party developers? Would be a handy marketing tool.

  • freelunch

    too bad promo codes only work in the US App Store - or has this changed?

    • Jonas

      This one works outside the US, but see my comment below for instructions.

  • Andrew Toth

    Not available in Australia, just tried

    • Jonas

      See my comment, below, on how to get the game anyways 🙂

  • Jonas

    Fortunately, this can be used outside of the US. If you follow the Redeem Now link into the iTunes software on your computer, iTunes will tell you the code will not work with your very un-american account, but if you go back to your browser, and into the page you just opened in Facebook, get the code from the middle of the page, and enter it manually into the App Store app on your device (the redeem link at the bottom of the first page of the App Store), the game will download.

    • ozskip

      This loophole appears to be closed now. The redeem code appears as "XXXXXXXXX".

  • Flowers

    Before I do this, does this app announce to all of your "friends" that you're downloading the game or whatever? 

    • Jonas

      Not as far as I can tell, from my Facebook page. But I suppose it is possible it relies on far more subtle and insidious methods to do so.

      I appreciate finding someone else here who is too vain or self-conscious to admit to his or her Facebook friends that he or she is playing iPhone games 😛

  • Diego Rispo

    thank you very much guys! 😉 u are always the best!

  • James Bond
  • himanshu

    as if facebook wasn't spammed enough... I suppose more of it now! At least I get a game out of it.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't load on the ipad 🙁

  • Anonymous

    i removed my Fb account long time ago... oh well

  • Erhard Steiner

    Worked for me on the iPad and non-US Appstore without any problems.
    I would never have bought this game, because I thought I had played enough endless runners already. But now that I played it, I LOVE it and would have happily paid for it because it's incredibly addictive and a lot of fun!