The game series that our commenters love to hate has had another substantial update hit this morning. Angry Birds Seasons [99¢ / HD] went 2.0 today, and the Halloween update marks the start of the 2012 Angry Birds season. (Don't worry, you can still access all the 2011 Seasons content too.) Like most Angry Birds updates, this one comes packed with a bunch of new levels to play through. Unlike most Angry Birds updates, this one includes a brand new bird.

Affectionally dubbed "Orange Bird," this bird massively inflates when you tap the screen. This allows you to do things like launch it and have it fall down a narrow channel in between two nearby pig forts, then tap to have it blow both down as it expands. So far it seems like a slight variant on the black bird, although I've yet to play very many of the new levels to see how the orange bird truly shines.

In addition, that little teaser video that Rovio released when they first started teasing the new bird has exploded into a full-blown animated short:

That was a pretty entertaining four minutes, wasn't it? Rovio has certainly ramped up their quality of their videos, which sort of makes that Angry Birds movie business from a while ago seem not all that far fetched.

  • Anonymous

    I know a few over inflated orange birds in real life. 

  • himanshu

    It's a pretty cute video.

    Will the bird be available for regular angry birds as well? I hope it is.

    PS: Some commentators here do love the game quite a bit. I, for instance....

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a huge Angry Birds fan, however I do like the game and the short videos. For some reason completely out of the blue, I just had the feeling that I would really enjoy an Angry Birds RPG. I know that sounds's been a long day...let me enjoy my craziness.

    • AmpliHelix

      I can totally picture that being pulled off if they do it Super Mario RPG style 🙂

      • Anonymous

        My thoughts exactly.

  • Gary McDermott

    just finished all levels and enjoyed the orange bird a lot, getting all three stars did not seem to be too difficult just wish there were more levels 😛

  • Anonymous

    In the Hamoween version, what is the equivalent of the Golden Egg?  I have hit black jack o'lanterns and that doesn't seem to do the trick.