Madfinger Games is continuing to tinker with Shadowgun [$4.99] after its shaky late September debut on the App Store. For starters, the game is cheaper. For a limited time, you can grab it at $4.99 instead of its usual upper tier price tag of $7.99. It’s also less buggy. An initial patch run has sealed up its iPad 2 crashing issues, the Driller bug in the fourth level, and ‘optimized’ memory on lower-end devices.

These things combined present an interesting value proposition for anyone who read our review of the original build and remain on the fence. While we loved its technology, we weren’t too big on its level design or a handful of its mechanics.

Here’s a snippet:

If Madfinger can fix the crashing and save-game deletion issues with a patch, they're still left with a repetitive, but lovely looking shooter. There are hints of true quality in the boss fights and some minor sections of the campaign, but the majority relies on a simple, corridor design that's hard to find engaging for very long.

We’ve seen Madfinger say that it’s continuing to work on the game post-release and that’s great news. Its also still planning for an Android release later this month. We’ve been told that the Android iteration will support anything with a Tegra chip in it, so make sure you’ve got the right hardware for the job if you want in.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent game, better than what Gameloft has had to offer thus far in the next-gen FPS department. Also the latest Unity engine showpiece, Shadowgun rivals UE3 in graphics quality.

  • BulkSlash

    This update is the last chance I'm giving Shadowgun. If they still haven't got invert look working I'm deleting it forever.

    • Adams Immersive

      Or, wait for them to attend to invert look, whether it’s in this update or another one, and then re-install 🙂

  • Phil Baxter

    If they can fix the mind numbingly awful music too, I may give it another look, but until then, I'll save my ears the torture.


    Just few points :  

    Save deletion - it is not game fault, it was because iOS crash. 
    Inverted mouse - fixed in 1.0.3, update is in review, should be alive soon
    Disable music - You can do this in menu since 1.0.0 version


    Marek R.
    MaDFINGER Games.

    • imageone

      Shadowgun was going great for me, but this update broke the game. Now all explosions cause the screen to go BLACK.

      Please fix this ASAP.

      • iron

        Me too… the game was perfect (iPad 2, iOS 5) till the last update. Now the explosions make totally black the screen and I cannot see what or who is killing me.

  • Anonymous

    There has never been a music control in the menu.
    The slider controls sound effects only, and is labeled sound.
    I believe this is a mistake, because why would design the game to run at like 30% volume by default? The correct implementation should be a slider for music volume, and and an on/off toggle for music.

    • MADFINGER Games

      Lol you are right, there is missing checkbox for it..

      Marek R

      • Anonymous

        You guys must really love the music if noone has tried to turn it off yet 😉

  • x999x

    I bought this back when the initial patch came out and played it on the plane from california to tennessee and back. I can't think of a more satisfying way to spend $7.99. Thats less then the dinner cost me on the plane! Kudos to the devs for sticking through all the critic's posts and continuing to polish this title. As a former console dev, I am familiar with how hard it is to turn a profit, especially at these price points.

    • MADFINGER Games

      Thanks !!!

  • Anonymous

    You guys must really love the music if noone has tried to turn it off yet 😉

  • Lee West

    This game was a great experience. Loved it! Lets have more stuff to do. More collectibles perhaps? 😀

  • Lee West

    This game was a great experience. Loved it! Lets have more stuff to do. More collectibles perhaps? 😀

  • David Dempster

    As said before what is with the black explosions???

  • Anonymous

    Bought this a couple of days ago and it is way better than I could imagine 🙂 did not buy it when it was released cause everybody said it was a dissapointment, glad I bought it now though! Met "the driller" last night and it was kind of cool 😀

  • John Gibson

    Madfinger, I'm really digging the game so far. It's one of the best looking games on the iPad, and pretty fun as well. My only issue so far is the bug with the screen going black when an explosion happens. Fix that up and you'll have a winner on your hands. Also, any plans for multi player? I could see this being fun in MP.

    • Anonymous

      Go onto the madfinger forums, multiplayer has been confirmed (and they're taking suggestions)

  • ios gamer365

    Madfinger I love everything shadow gun. I've anticipated the release, read all about it watched every video n I see shadowgun dead zone its free so I was too happy! so once I try to start a match a game is found it shows me the controls and then screen goes black and POOF! APP CRASH! Please fix this shit! I wanna enjoy this game!