For many gamers, especially those in their late twenties and early thirties, the first experience with gaming on an Apple computer would have to be with the iconic The Oregon Trail. I know that that was my own personal first experience with an Apple computer, as we were allowed to play the edutainment title in my early grade school years in the computer lab on our modest collection of Apple II machines (not before we had finished up our math learning programs, of course).

In early 2009, Gameloft brought an updated take on the classic game to the App Store with their modernized The Oregon Trail for iOS. The core gameplay of the original was kept mostly intact, but with brand new visuals and an assortment of touch-centric mini-games added into the mix. Despite the huge potential to alienate a countless number of fans who have emotional ties to the original game, this new The Oregon Trail was actually quite well-received and paid proper respect to its roots. Even 30 years later, the core concept was still pretty damn fun.

Now, Gameloft’s version of The Oregon Trail has at long last come to the iPad. I have no idea why it took two and a half years to make it here, but it’s definitely a nice fit for the larger screen. Everything appears to be mostly identical to its smaller screened counterpart. Best of all is that currently the iPad version can be picked up for just 99¢. If you own an iPad and want to relive your classic Apple gaming days, then definitely check out The Oregon Trail for the iPad.

  • Tom Tjarks

    I can't recommend this version. There are ads on the loading screens and it keeps reminding me that I can purchase supplies via IAP every few minutes. The iPhone version lacks these so called features. I'd rather the game be five bucks and no extra ads and iap

  • Ryan Gill

    How's the file size? The iPhone version looks FINE on iPad, but they have an issue with recent updates- while it says the file size is somewhere around 300 mb (I think), it actually takes up over a gb. For no discernible reason. And they have, as far as I can tell, remained silent to any questions of A) WHY and B) can that be fixed or C) accurately reflected in the product description.

  • Anonymous

    Boooooo, No sale for me.

  • Anonymous

    Still not as good as So Long Oregon

  • Anonymous

    IAP= Screw you Oregon Trail. You "had" a winner when it was higher priced without the bull%^& added in. 

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody catch the FUN part? If you already own The Oregon Trail, it shows up as ready to buy, not redownload, in the App Store. Gameloft discontinued the one you bought, and put out a whole new game with the exact same name. Welcome to the Cloud!

  • Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe

    That is NOT the Oregon Trail. I don't know what that is but it's not the game from the 90s.