‘Scribblenauts Remix’ Makes a Surprise Debut on the App Store

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Whenever anybody brings up the question “what game would you love to see on iOS?", it’s almost always a guarantee that somebody will bring up developer 5thCell‘s Scribblenauts series, which has led a fairly successful life on the Nintendo DS platform since 2009. The gameplay hook of typing in words to create objects in the game world, which then help you solve the puzzles in the game, is a hallmark of the Scribblenauts series and would be a perfect fit for iOS devices.

Well, Scribblenauts enthusiasts, your time has come as 5thCell and Warner Bros. Interactive along with Iron Galaxy Studios have just released Scribblenauts Remix [$4.99] into the US App Store.

Scribblenauts Remix is sort of a “best of" version of the previous titles in the series, developed specifically for the iOS touch screen. There are 40 levels taken from both the original Scribblenauts and its sequel Super Scribblenauts, as well as 10 brand new levels that are exclusive to this iOS version. Additionally, there is Game Center support, iOS 5 iCloud saves across separate devices, and literally tens of thousands of words within the in-game dictionary, ensuring there’s no lack of items to create to solve the various puzzles.

We’ll put Scribblenauts Remix through the wringer and come back with a full review soon, but early impressions in our forums are extremely positive and if you’re already a fan of the Scribblenauts series then chances are you’ve already hit the buy button before finishing reading this post.

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