Mediocre’s Sprinkle [$.99] got a little bigger and presumably a smidgen more controversial with its fans this afternoon. In a new update, the studio added Game Center support and tacked on two new levels to Sprinkle’s initial world. It also added a new juicy 12-level world to the core game, bringing the level count up to a healthy 60. In a strange twist, this update also packs in a separate six-level content update exclusively for those who grabbed the game’s IAP back when it was available.

If you haven’t been keeping records at home, Sprinkle came under some fire after its initial release for offering level unlock functionality via IAP. Medicore removed the IAP, but kinda left those paying owners a little high and dry in the process -- until now, at least. We just wonder how that same crowd who let their feedback be known will respond to this move.

Regardless of reception, giving levels to IAP owners strikes us as a particularly interesting way to do business. We’re stoked to see how this pans out down the road, especially if IAP opportunities come back to Sprinkle. Pay a little, get a little PLUS bonuses seems like a good deal to us. If that model is viable or not is an entirely different question altogether.

Anyway, Sprinkle has an update, so go check it out. If you’re not on the Sprinkle train yet, you may want to consider hopping aboard. It’s a good game, we swear.

  • BES

    weird thing is... you can unlock the 6-level special pack if you 5-star every level in the game....!!!!

  • Chris Aanerud

    Cry me a river. Get it, because it's a game about water?