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‘Zombieville USA 2’ Set To Hit This Month, Here’s A New Trailer

Mika Mobile’s side-scrolling follow-up Zombieville USA 2 will miss its summer launch window, but development is still rolling. In an e-mail update given to us alongside a hip new teaser trailer, the studio said it’s in the final testing phase with the game and hopes to get it out of the door a little later this month. It added “we’d rather ship a good game slowly than a crappy one today,” which is a sentiment we totally agree with.

From what we’re gleaning, Zombieville USA 2 is primed to be a significant upgrade. It’ll boast new faces, an assortment of shiny new weapons and interesting firing mechanics, and some cool character customization, of course, but it’ll also introduce 3D movement that actually let’s you dodge enemies and a fresh new take on the level formula by the way of mission-based play.

Mika Mobile announced Zombieville USA 2 earlier this August. In the same month, it also 2011-ized the original game [$1.99] with Universal support, retina display visuals, and support for “fast app switching.” We hope to grab a build and report back to you in the near future, but until then, we definitely suggest you keep yourself busy with the first romp.