There was room for more games than Infinity Blade 2 at Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” press event the other afternoon. Hogrocket’s terrific puzzle title Tiny Invaders [Free], for example, got some free looks as Forstall used the title to demonstrate the new notification functionality of iOS 5. Riding the wave it undoubtedly believes might come, Hogrocket has killed the price of its title. For a limited time, Tiny Invaders is free.

Hogrocket tells us that more is coming on the Tiny Invaders front, by the way. An HD version for the iPad and iPad 2 are totally coming, as well as additional levels “in the next few weeks.” Neat!

We spoke with Hogrocket a couple of weeks ago on our fair podcast and if you take anything from that, it’s that these dudes are plain passionate about what they’re doing. We can’t wait to see the HD version and the level updates to Tiny Invaders, as well as the studio’s next project.