The creator of the fantastic space shooter Red Nova [$.99], Celsius Game Studios, is set to follow up with another space combat joint called Drifter. The studio made a few waves the other day on Twitter with the official unveil, which has us thirsting for more information.

As the teaser suggests, this is indeed an open-world exploration game, but it’s a bit more. Celsius’ Colin Walsh tells us that it’s something of a passion project that’s inspired by games he grew up such as the venerable Frontier: Elite II. His twist is the combat and the joining of trading game. You’ll be able to be wander the galaxy as a merchant or put on the thigh-high space boots of a “cold-blooded mercenary” charged with “ taking out the scum of the galaxy.” We added the thigh-high part, there, because, frankly, we like thigh-highs.

The map in the game is the biggest point of interest for us so far: it’s procedurally generated and will contain 100,000 light years worth of space crap like, say, planets and star systems. The ultra-ambitious Drifter doesn’t have a release yet, but Walsh hopes it’ll hit before the end of the year.

  • xStatiCa

    Space game inspired by my favorite game of all time Frontier: Elite II is an instant buy for me.  Open world 100,000 light years = bliss.  Please say flight in space is newtonian physics based instead of like flying in an atmosphere.  I will be buying this first day it is released if this is true.

    • CGSColin

      Hi! The spaceflight is newtonian/inertial but it is in 2 dimensions instead of 3. It's a concession to both the original game engine and to make the game a bit more approachable as well. Hopefully that is an acceptable compromise 🙂

      • Commander Jameson

        Good luck Colin! Looks like it'll be great! I LOVE Frontier. I was lucky enough to get iDos for my iPhone and so am able to play the PC version of Frontier on my phone all the time. It converts to iPhone/Handheld really well. 

        I get the issues with not having 3D Newtonian (although the Frontier autopilot does the trick for me... maybe you could touch a celestial body and then kick in the auto pilot) as not being accessible...But one of the great things about Frontier (and it's still great) is planetary landings at spacestations and also landing (rough). Hopefully you can roll out planetary landings in the future... maybe it could still be 2d, but have different 2d planes that ur ship can rise or descend to:ground planelow atmosphere high atmosphere orbit spaceNot going planet-side/just having a cut scene/still for the planets has always made me go 'meh' with iPhone space apps.Anyway good luck

  • Erik Thomas

    What exactly was that video supposed to be? 2 minutes of a ship flying in a straight line through a rather sparse and uninteresting looking space? I'm all for big space exploration games, but that video did absolutely nothing for me.

    • CGSColin

      Well, there will be more revealed eventually. Hopefully you'll find something to like then 🙂

      • Erik Thomas

        If it delivers what you're promising it will deliver than I'll be happy!

  • REkzkaRZ

    that was really an 'app in development' video!  Basically a ship & 3 heavenly bodies, w/no clue about game play or trading or whatever.  Darn it -- I'm still intrigued!!

    • CGSColin