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‘Red Nova’ Creator Unveils Space Trading Game ‘Drifter’

The creator of the fantastic space shooter Red Nova [$.99], Celsius Game Studios, is set to follow up with another space combat joint called Drifter. The studio made a few waves the other day on Twitter with the official unveil, which has us thirsting for more information.

As the teaser suggests, this is indeed an open-world exploration game, but it’s a bit more. Celsius’ Colin Walsh tells us that it’s something of a passion project that’s inspired by games he grew up such as the venerable Frontier: Elite II. His twist is the combat and the joining of trading game. You’ll be able to be wander the galaxy as a merchant or put on the thigh-high space boots of a “cold-blooded mercenary” charged with “ taking out the scum of the galaxy.” We added the thigh-high part, there, because, frankly, we like thigh-highs.

The map in the game is the biggest point of interest for us so far: it’s procedurally generated and will contain 100,000 light years worth of space crap like, say, planets and star systems. The ultra-ambitious Drifter doesn’t have a release yet, but Walsh hopes it’ll hit before the end of the year.