Bit Blot’s Aquaria is heading to the iPad and iPad 2 later this fall and in the most recent news regarding its impending release, Semi-Secret Software’s talented hands will be handling part of the publishing duties. In a new blog post, Semi-Secret tossed out an awesome video of the game in action with bonus commentary with the original game’s co-creator Alec Holowka.

Think of Aquaria as an underwater Castlevania. It’s a traditional 2D side-scroller with a huge, explorable world and an emphasis on shooting. According to Holowka, this touch version of the 2007 Independent Games Festival winner won’t sacrifice what made it great by being a touch controlled title. He reckons it’ll enhance the experience instead and also bring the game to a lot of people (including some of us in TouchArcade tower) for the first time.

You can read more about Aquaria in a bunch of places, so definitely hop to it if you’re into teasing yourself. The original game was, obviously, rated pretty highly, so we’re more than stoked to give this a spin -- especially if this touch version is as promising as it appears to be.

  • Alex

    OMG, OMG!  I have been pushing for this since the first iOS device!  I CAN'T WAIT!  This game is so frackin awesome!  I still have my save game files on my mac somewhere and always felt iOS would be a perfect fit for this game.  Glad the developers finally saw it too.  It's gonna do SOOOOOO well!

  • Alex

    OMG!  I have to post again, because I haven't been this excited over a game (Mac or iOS) in SOOOOO long!

    I can't wait!  Gotta get an iPad 2 now (doubt an iPhone release for screen real estate reasons)!

  • Mark Johns


  • Jay

    I've been wondering when this was going to come out for iOS.  Played in on the PC and I was really impressed.  To arm certain songs you had to 'sing' them, and each one has a pattern, which was a really unique idea.

    It's going to be crazy-hard to play, though.  It was hard enough with precise PC controls.  Get ready to spend hours on an extremely steep learning curve with an iOS device (the boss fights will make you pull your hair out, I'm sure).

    • Alex

      The developer said in the video that they made many changes and improvements for iOS.  I bet when you switch to fire mode, you might have an option to turn on auto fire and boss battles will be tweaked.  Otherwise, this environment was how I believe it was originally designed for (in essence).

      • Jay

        Yeah, I hope so! Aside from the (somewhat, at times) difficult controls this game is phenomenal. You wouldn't think a side-scrolling game would have a heartwarming tale to tell, but the story is fascinating. I've had times where I had to pause the game and go, "Man, that's so cool."

        Hmm, I think I'm going to re-install it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I got the Mac version of this as part of one of the Humble Indie Bundles. I thought it was very average. 

    It would certainly suit touch controls better than mouse/keyboard.

  • Jase Wayne

    wow. thats one pretentious video.

    • Alec Holowka

      Sorry, I certainly wasn't trying to be pretentious. 🙁

    • Alec Holowka

      Sorry, I certainly wasn't trying to be pretentious. 🙁

  • Simond10

    This video alone means im not going to buy the game. Who else wants to smack this guy?

    The 'PSP is not a very powerful device' What?!? for a 2D game?

    • Dehian

      Don't get so angry SimonD10.

      He says Psp is not that powerfull not in the hardware way. But it limits you to the analogic-digital pad controls. What doesn't gives you the same free moves that a mouse or a touch screen would give.

      And if you ever play Aquaria you will now that it's not just "Another 2D" game.

    • Alec Holowka

      It's not a very powerful device when compared to a desktop computer or even an iPad 2. Especially for Aquaria which layers tons of sprites w/ alpha blending and tons of LUA scripted creatures. 

      But thanks for the threat of physical violence, that's nice. 🙂

  • Apparent_symmetry

    never heard of this until now, but just ordered it... it looks amazing! Can't wait to get into it! =oD