It’s not a holiday weekend, but EA doesn’t need one in order to drum up a sale. Proof: until the end of this very weekend, you can grab a huge assortment of the publisher’s iPad-specific titles for up to 70 percent off their normal value. In the case of games like Tetris this translates to several, several dollars worth of savings, which is always pretty cool. Here’s a big fat old list of everything it’s marking off and the original price point:

If you're in the market for some wholesome family-oriented entertainment, this is definitely your kind of sale considering the amount of board games available on the cheap. Dead Space, though, will continue to be our number one pick whenever EA throws these sales -- it's mad good, guys. Mad good.

[Via Destructoid]

  • Anonymous

    That's odd, I just checked and noticed that in Europe we are getting a better deal. Just 0.79 euro cents for every iPad games, which normally translates in 0.99 US cents. Whatever...

  • Anonymous

    Because it's not the weekend without an EA or Gameloft sale.

    • Bobby

      Exactly. And ... if you don't already own any of these you are interested in, you must be new here. 🙂 

  • Norris

    .79 Euro is $1.06 USD.  Hardly a better deal.

    • Mark Lipschitz

       ndre is right.  He said all the iPad games were 0.79 euro.  Only Battleship & Max and the Magic Marker are $0.99 All the other games are 3x as much.

  • Childish Chris

    I got dead Space for 0.99 not to long ago

  • mvyrmne

    Aaaand non of them are available in Australia. Thanks EA!

    • Steve

      All of them (except Clue, it seems) are available in Australia, and they're cheaper at $0.99. Thanks EA!

      EA offers their apps around the world as separate versions for some reason, so links to one country's app store won't automatically redirect to your local one like they would for most apps.

  • ChickenJuice

    i like this old EA logo...good old days 🙂