Later this year in Japan, Namco Bandai plans to capitalize on fresh hardware fever with a launch iteration of Katamari on the PlayStation Vita. It’s also giving us iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners a little something, too, with Katamari Amore this Thursday. Slated to hit in both paid and free-to-play versions, this latest Katamari looks to put you in some familiar shoes: you’ll play as the Prince’s Katamari and, as usual, be tasked with wrapping up various items to increase its size.

Expect 24 missions at launch, six of which are “completely new stages.” Also, expect to play across four different modes, including a regular campaign, a time attack mode, “Exact Size Challenge,” and “Eternal Mode.” For you Pac-Man fans out there, Namco is rolling in a special themed level complete with dots, ghosts, and a controllable Pac-Man. Neat!

The free version of the title will include Time Attack mode, while the full $3.99 version (special price) will have all of the aforementioned launch content from the get-go. Namco has promised that more content is on the way, too, which is cool because if Amore is able to overcome the technical woes its predecessor I Love Katamari [$6.99] had, it should absolutely rock. I mean, the last one did until the framerate took crazy dives, at least.

  • bigrand1

    Yeah, I definitely am looking forward to this release! Still have the first one, but won't delete it  until I see how this one goes!

  • Michael Wootton

    Wasn't going to get this since I have a Katamari game on almost every console and have yet to beat any of them, but then I saw that Pac-Man level... *sigh* go ahead, take my money Namco, I can't resist your sweet "waka-waka-waka"...

  • Soujiro75

    I love Katamary games, however, the last iOs game was terrible... there was a ton of lag once you rolled up enough stuff (btw, it wasn't that much stuff, and I was using my iPod4)... The game engine was not properly optimized... I'll give this a try, however, I'm not expecting much from this game...

  • SMP

    Something to look forward to then!

  • Misty Jugs

    Nice. Finally an iPad version.

  • UmbraVir

    will wait for impressions. I know the first katamari was a total fiasco.

  • UmbraVir

    will wait for impressions. I know the first katamari was a total fiasco.