Here’s a bit of neat news for old-school RPG nerds out there: Rocketcat Games’ lo-fi RPG, Mage Gauntlet, is presumably worming its way through the Apple approval process as you read this post. The studio notes on the game’s web site that it has re-submitted this afternoon after having to, unfortunately, yank a build that was also submitted today, too. If all goes well this go-around, we should be happily plucking away at the Secret of Mana-ish title later next week at the earliest, but the possibility of delay is always there with these things.

Considering its delightful look, its inspiration, and Rocket’s pedigree, it’s no surprise to us that its had a share of buzz among our community. Let’s add one more trailer to the drool-inducing pile. In addition to sharing the aforementioned news with the world, Rocketcat has dropped a new trailer that you can view just below this text stuff:

One of the coolest things about Mage Gauntlet is that it’s subscribing to the “more action, less grinding” school of design, meaning you get to spend more time doing meaningful things in the game. Also, it seems pretty self-aware of the genre and that’s expressed mechanically, which is a fourth wall-breaking twist a lot of studios say away from. Needless to say, we’re excited about this and definitely want to give you more details as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

  • Fannyslacks

    this looks sooo sick. can't wait.

  • smes3817

    I never liked any RPGs before but this one looks so much like an action game that it interests me more.  Plus I love anything Rocketcat.  I'm so confused... 😉

  • Swg

    diablo 3's got nothing like this, insta buy for me

  • Bill Goodman

    This reminds me of the old PSX game Alundra published by Working Designs in the US. Alundra would make a great game on iOS. Won't happen though as Sony owns the franchise

    • Rocketcat Games

      I haven't heard of Alundra, will need to check it out.  The game is mostly inspired by Squaresoft RPGs in the mid 90's.  Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, etc.  With a lot of tweaks.  There's a little Zelda influence in there, too.

      • theRPGNOOB


  • backtothis

    Holy shit. Want this now.

  • John Usher

    Woah looks very nice and from a good dev/company. Looks like a insta-buy.

  • Anonymous

    looks real good. i will pay 20 dollars if i have to

  • theRPGNOOB

    looks like Zenonia and secret of Mana had a baby. 

  • BenchWarmers Clique

    insta-buy. And what was that I heard about something special for early adopters?

    • Rocketcat Games

      First weekend buyers get a pack of 8 hats (from previous games) and our company mascot that follows you around as a pet.  It'll be available as the "Rocketcat Fan Pack" for 2 bucks, otherwise.  Early adopters get the pack for free.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I'm sick of these KRPGs. I've been waiting for an RPG like this on iOS for a long time.

  • Will Buckingham

    Rocketcat Games have yet to disappoint me thus far, and I loved Secret of Mana back in the day.  This looks like a fantastic update to the formula and I'll be picking it up day one.  Shame it got delayed, because most of this week's releases don't really interest me.

  • Raymond

    Please make it Universal or have an iPad version as well!

  • Ben Ruddock

    Hell yes, been following the development of this since it was first announced, can't wait. Day one purchase for me.

  • EZ

    First time seeing this video. Want!!! Love the style! Love the Mana series, looking forward to this.

    Been waiting for a game like this for a while!

    @subshell001: Agreed! Too many of those.

  • MyPost

    I hope the controls and gameplay are as awesome as the graphics!

  • BrainMasta

    please add a multiplayer at least 4 people or more ;), so want to duke it out with the best, oh and coop mode is a must if they want to maintain the secret of mana lik game play ^_^, so excited about this game!

  • Tyler

    Ok, I'm sold

  • Benjamin Goy

    Can;t wait for it to drop!

  • Cat Astrophy

    Needs multiplayer if you want to compare it to SoM

  • Michael A. Robson

    Meh on the gameplay, but the music is great!!