On this week’s bonus episode of The TouchArcade Show we sit down with two of the three dudes behind Hogrocket, Ben Ward and Pete Collier. As you may know, Hogrocket is one of the several studios formed from ex-Bizarre Creations employees following Activision’s sudden and silly decision to shut down the studio. We discuss the fallout, of course, but we spend the majority of our 20 or so minutes together on Hogrocket’s first release, Tiny Invaders [$1.99], and how their hardcore development experience informs their work on the iOS platform.

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We’ll be back in your earholes again later this Friday with another regular episode of The TouchArcade Show. This week, during Jared’s final stretch of his European vacation, we’ll be joined by Destructoid Reviews Editor Jim Sterling. It should be fun!

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    To be fair, their games depressingly. Studios usually close when their games sell poorly.

  • SMP

    ^ sold depressingly ^