Before anyone takes up their recently sharpened pitchfork to form up the angry mob that materializes whenever we post non-iOS related things on TouchArcade, consider this: We're all gamers here, and we all likely have a computer that we're syncing our iOS devices to. So, put that machine to work and download Portal this weekend. As part of Valve's Learning With Portals educational program, they've dropped the price of this classic computer game to free.

Sporting a 90 average (and a 9.6 user score) on Metacritic, Portal is a game that I think everyone who even vaguely considers themselves a gamer flat out needs to play. Hell, it's enjoyable enough that even if you're a non-gamer you'll likely still have fun with it. Portal will only take a few hours for you to complete, and, in my opinion, is one of the best single player computer gaming experiences I've ever had. The atmosphere is perfect, the puzzles are fantastic, the writing is top-notch, and the only complaint I've ever even had about Portal is that the game eventually ends and really leaves you wanting more. (Good news! There's a sequel!)

Portal was originally released in 2007, and runs on Valve's Source engine which is great at supporting all kinds of hardware configurations. If you've bought your computer inside of the last five years (or maybe even older than that) I'd think it would run Portal just fine. To get the game, install the Steam client, create an account, and then install Portal. The whole process should be fairly easy, and aside from actually downloading the game itself, should only take a few minutes.

Even if you don't have time to play this weekend, you can still grab the Steam client and download the game. There's really no reason not to. I cannot possibly overstate just how great of a game Portal is.

Anyway, this deal runs through September 20th, and you've seriously got to have a killer excuse if you don't take advantage of it. (Assuming you don't already own or have already played Portal.)

  • Jacek

    If only it was released for iOS...

  • Mike
  • GunBlade1190

    Now this is some non-iOS related news I can get behind. Got this about a year ago with the Orange Box and this and Portal 2 are two of my favorite games ever. Everyone should take advantage of this. No excuses. Runs on both PC and Mac too.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Portal was already free just before Portal 2 came out. If people didn't get it then they won't get it now.

    • Miles

      I didn't know about it then, but I am getting it now for free, thanks Touch Arcade for letting me know!

  • Pcgeek

    Thanks for the heads up.  Just snagged it!!  Also got Mirrors Edge for 5 Bucks!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm new to steam and my current imac won't run smoothly right now.  If I install steam, but don't install portal will I still be able to install it at a later point?  (I clicked the portal download on the steam website)

    • peteisfat

       Yes, as long as it's on your Steam account you'll be able to download it later.

      • Anonymous


  • Sebastian

    I am a violent owner of a sharpened pitchfork and I approve this message!

    • Lenskit3000

      It shows it as $19.95 when I go to the store and type in I doing something wrong? Is it no longer free?

      • RobotBob

        I got paranoid about this too. Really upsetting. But yeah it's still free.

        Which means you were doing something wrong. Very wrong (so was I though).

        Instead of searching it up on Steam, just click the link in the news post:

        Or, when you search it up on Steam, just click on it and scroll down. It'll say "Portal is free till such and such a time" which shouldn't matter, because you should be downloading it this second.

      • MamoChan67

        Uh, this didn't work for me. I know I'm doing it last minute and all but it doesn't say free anywhere, and I'm new to Steam so idk what to do...:/

  • Ray

    it shows at 19.99 to me too but just click on it which should direct you to the main page, where it states free until the 20th 🙂

  • Hahaha

    Thanks you guys, I just visited your site and then: Portal gone free! And what the opening paragraph said was completely true. Downloading it right now through Steam

  • Sww

    this game is so good but i already have it.. i feel like downloading it again

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the alert! I just finished downloading it. Although I already have it on my 360, I definitely don't mind also having it on my PC. 😀

  • Tanny

    Look, I'm getting a little tired of the over the top language the writers use in these reviews. Quote: "I cannot possibly overstate just how great of a game Portal is." Come on, of course you can overstate it. How about this: "This is the single greatest game ever made and will surely never be replaced by a better game." There, I overstated it. I'd really like the writers here to be a bit more grounded in how they write-up reviews. Writers who constantly resort to hyperbole are usually the ones who can't distinguish fine-grained details in games. This is a great site but the over-the-top language (also: "you should sell your blood if you need too to pay for this game") makes me want to stop reading. 

    • Spdsk8r655

      Hey, Tanny, don't be a douche.

    • Bethany

      Except that Portal really is that good...

      Although of course it really should be, "It's hard to overstate my satisfaction with Portal." 😛

      • Eli Hodapp

        Where did you get the idea that this was a review?

  • DarkNRG

    Are you serious? This isnt my old toucharcade, now my old friends when i hit 1,000 comments. And iOS did not get here by talkin about Nintendo in the main page. I could care less. Im checkin TA every 2-4 hrs for new games, and the fact that Eli preempted the article with a "disclaimer" shows he knows this is not the place for this. My God, when somethin is unrelated in a thread topic, you all have a fit and mods move it! So go play your PC or console game, im goin back to my iPad thank you very much. Holy Mindfreak! I assumed Portal was announced for iOS, NOT. Flame on! -DarkNRG

    • Real Hero

      Dude, the title clearly says 'Portal' for the MAC and PC'. Put down your ipad and go download this game if you haven't.

      • DarkNRG

        Dude, this website clearly says "TouchArcade: keeping in touch with the latest in iPhone games"!
        I WILL NOT SURRENDER MY iOS DEVICE, even if im that last man standing here in this forum!

      • Snipyro

        If you're going to take offense when a few non-iOS articles are posted up then your whining is probably unwelcome. It's not like we get a ton of non-related articles, we get a Nintendo/Sony or other non-iOS article every few days at MOST. 

        More to the point, if you don't like what you see, don't read it. It takes 2 seconds to scroll past it.

      • Thaurin

        I think you're gonna have to find a new iOS related site to read up on. This one is obviously not for you. You'll be doing yourself and us a favour.

      • Dark NRG

        No, I belong here as one of the first members, and true members are free to speak there mind- be in in a respectful manner as per TA TOS. What many of you are exhibiting is an unbecoming behavior for a desenting opinion, posting replies that are not civil and not respectful, and that is shameful, which is why i very regularly visit the site but dont participate. I flagged the inappropriate comments to myself and others who offered and opposing view, Only time will tell if marketing eyeballs or posterity wins the day. And its not like I can "leave" like Big Albie (and if you dont know who he is, you missed the golden dawn of TA), I can peruse anywhere and do. And i remember Eli when he was just a fellow member before his present position, and I'm sure he remembers me because we have had our disagreements. But we were always respectufl. Have a nice day 😀

    • Thaurin

      Hey, DarkNRG, don't be a douche.

  • David S Podd

    I want this download but the request for signing a new account keeps failing with steam, thats why I can't get it yet. Anyone know a way round this please?

    • John V. Keogh

      I raised the issue with Steam support six hours ago. No reply yet.

  • John V. Keogh

    I can't set up an account on Steam. It keeps saying: "Your account creation request failed, please try again later."

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I never managed to set up an account either - so never purchased anything from them - the free Portal a year back was nice - wish they had a system that didn't prevent people buying stuff... seems weird, but what do I know about business!

  • John V. Keogh

    I can't set up an account on Steam. It keeps saying: "Your account creation request failed, please try again later."

  • theRPGNOOB

    If I did not have a piece of shit mac then I would buy this.

    • SMP

      Get it anyway. it'll still be there when you have a better computer.

  • Anonymous

    I got this free when Steam was first launched for Mac a year or two back

    It's very good

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  • Alienrace

    This is what happens when you call even crappy games "good" - when you have to talk about a game that actually is quiite amazing, you're have to practically force people to get it with your double rainbow praise. Portal is a great game, and there is a lot of really great games on iOS, but most of the stuff you praise is mediocre at best. Raise your standards!

  • David Nguyen

    I don't want to see any Portal news on TA unless it (or a very good clone) comes to iOS!