Nimblebit’s Tiny Tower [Free] [Universal] has been update, roughly, a billion times since our original review and we haven’t covered them all, but the latest strikes us as special. Starting now, you can share those hours you’ve spent meticulously upgrading your tower on the world wide web via an option from the game’s main menu. This seems like a sure-fire way to make mom and dad, sister or brother, or even loved one proud, if you ask us. Neat!

Additionally, this latest update adds new floors, new costumes, new settings for audio, and rolls in a staggering amount of crucial bugs, including ghost-painting and a crash bug that triggered when you viewed certain neighbors. The entire list of fixes, if you’re really into this sort of thing, is available right here.

Despite its free-to-play model, Tiny Tower has managed to wiggle its way into our hearts. I think a big part of that reason is the fact that its balanced non-aggressively and isn’t what I would dub “pushy” about taking your hard-earned coin. Give our review a read if you’ve not bothered with the tower simulation game quite yet.

  • Nick

    Love the game, but this update messed over the sound by a LOT. All the sound bugs I had before the last 2 updates is back, but worse.

    But I trust in NB. I will never doubt them after what they did for us.

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    Loved the game, it's such a time suck; but I've quit it cold turkey cause it's like crack...

  • Anonymous

    Longer floor names = win. Here's hoping that the real estate VIP bugs are squashed.

  • Ben Ehlers

    "Balanced non-aggressively" must be the polite way of saying "impossible to fail at". 

    • Anonymous

      ...and failing would probably kill the entire game. So yes, exactly that.

    • Derek Chin

      Most games in the freemium model is "impossible to fail at" by design, but in this case, "balanced non-aggressively" is basically saying they don't try to monetize as aggressively as most games utilizing the model.

  • Jas

    What was the new residential floor that was syupposedly in the last update?  I never saw it in my tower.

    • J Andrew Lipscomb


  • Erik

    "Despite its free-to-play model, Tiny Tower has managed to wiggle its way into our hearts."

    Probably helps that one of the Editors at TouchArcade is real-life friends with the Marshes, the Devs of Tiny Tower.

    • Mike

      I'm not friends with the Marshes, and I love this game. What about that, Mr. Smart Ass?

  • Jdubs

    I updated my version which was fine to begin with and now it won't even i can't even play anymore.  wtf.

  • David Nguyen

    Meh. I really wanted to love this game but me and my friend got bored of it after about 30 minutes. I thought maybe I just wasn't into this type of game but Mega Mall Story kept me busy for a while. As a matter of fact, I remember playing it when my power was out from Hurricane Irene for a full 2 days! All I had to do was charge my iPod in the car and after that I barely noticed the power was out.

  • Noah

    Eh... after you get to 100 floors, the games starts to get super annoying.

    • Tom - mooedia

      100 floors is what im aiming for. Turned off the notifications now so only check every now and then. Think i will wait for the next update the fix the latest one!

      Don't play the game as much as I used to. Still find it entertaining when I do tho. Its a great little game.

  • Briker Ed

    I still sort of love the game (read: still addicted), but to a lesser and lesser extent as the time goes by. It's becoming a real drag going in every once so often to stock 100+ floors one by one. And I'm at the point when I start the app -just for that- and nothing else. Can't remember when was the last time I personally took a bitizen up with elevator.... For a free game though, this is a great achievement as I spend much less time with those usually.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Appointment gaming is trash. This game doesn't have s*** on Kairosoft's Mega Mall Story