The first major content update to Halfbrick’s relentlessly awesome Jetpack Joyride [$.99] [Universal] is exactly what we wanted from an inaugural attempt to make the game better. Version 1.1 packs in a new fire-breathing robot dragon vehicle dubbed Mr. Cuddles, a fruit-spewing jetpack that makes a jolly mess all over the lab, and addresses several issues relating to achievements, missions, and other things like coin bankrolls.

Most importantly, it adds the studio’s own person wizard Phil Larsen, the most amazing Australian I’ve ever shared a crab cake with, to the core game. Tragically, he’s only making this single cameo appearance as of this moment, but I suppose it’s only a matter of time until he succeeds Barry Steakfries in future games, right Halfbrick?

All of these improvements have been rolled in as a free update to the game, and it’s totally up for grabs right now. If you’re unfamiliar with Jetpack Joyride, go read our review and do the right thing: buy it.

  • Rothgarr

    This game is great. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a way to restore in-app purchases. So if you need to re-install the game you are out-of-luck (like me).

    • Jetpacker

      If you go through the process of buying it again, it will say you've already paid and not charge you twice. At least this is what I did on my iPhone after having already bought a few things on my iPad.

  • Dreimos Heijnen

    "fire-breathing robot dragon" -Why did you even bother continue writing after you typed those words? If I know humans, and I think I do, most people probably stopped reading right there to start downloading this update immediately 😛

  • Carlos Aguilera

    Mr. Cuddles is incredible!!! I dig that Dragon Ball deja Vu every time that I'm on that amazing dragon! Jetpack is the best!! the only thing that I miss is an option for control the Sound effect because I think the sound on the Jetpacks are a little bit low

  • Anonymous

    They still haven't managed to fix "BAD AS HOG", though...

    • Kelly Hoverocerous MacNeill

      I don't think that's a mistake.

      • Ben Ruddock

        But it makes no sense... :S

      • Jcman7

        They are keeping the rating down by not using the curse so that kids can buy it. We all know what it's suppose to be so does it really matter?

      • Anonymous

        Don't be stupid. It has exactly the same rating (9+) as Age Of Zombies, which has far more adult language than "ass".

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    I <3 this game....

  • Anonymous

    I dig their games, but how many times are they gonna use Barry Steakfries as their lead character?  Gimme a new character!

  • Josh

    This is such a great game! I wish it saved your coins when you stop playing though, it is going to take a day with a lot of free time to sit and play for a few hours to get enough built up.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about? It does save your coins.

      • Josh

        Apparently my version has a bug...

      • Halfbrick Woody

        Hi Josh. This bug was fixed with Version 1.1. If you are still having this issue, can you please email me through one of our support emails. Subject: Attention Woody - Re coin bug. I will look out for it.

      • Josh

        I updated and played a bunch yesterday and this morning closing and reopening and all seems great. Thanks for the support and keep the awesome games coming out!!

      • Halfbrick Woody

        Glad to hear it. Thanks Josh

  • HipHopTouch

    Fantastic App almost alongside all the other time suckers of the past greats like Space Miner, Doodle Jump and Game Dev Story. The achievements make it fun as well as the machines slowing the game down and keeping the variety. Exceptional release. 

  • shmup fan

    "Jetpack Joyride" really is one of those must own iOS games.  The upgrades and achievements can still provide for an enjoyable experience for people who aren't particularly good at endless runner type games.  It is almost the perfect quick, casual game.  I say "almost" because it is pretty hard to put the game down after one run.


    • WTF?

      Umm...  I didn't type in the name "Jetpacker", yet somehow that is what this was posted as. I don't know how that happened.  Sorry for any confusion.  This was not typed by "Jetpacker".

  • Anon

    I encounted a couple of bugs with v1.1 (at least on mine).
    1) It will not let me buy the Magnet for Mr. Cuddles (The Buy button doesn't do anything).
    2) When I got the Profit Bird I couldn't see it, it was invisible and all I could see was a floating head.

    Great game, hoping for some more missions.

    • Halfbrick Woody

      Hi. There have been a couple reports of some people not being able to purchase these items. I will be looking into it. Thank you.

  • Tato

    Upgrades for the Jetpacks would be nice.