GRL Games’ awesome word game, Word Chat [$.99], has just received a brand new game mode and a few other select tweaks via a free update. The new mode is Word Solitaire and it’s basically what you’re envisioning -- you pull tiles from the columns to make new words and then the tiles on the upper reaches of the board are revealed until you clear the level. Designer Graeme Devine tells us that this was, at one point, an entirely fresh game, but he soon decided to roll it into Word Chat as a mode instead. How nice!

As far as new mechanics, Devine added in a power-up for use in Word Solitaire that allows you to change out letters. As for tweaks, there’s a few: tiles are now smoother on old devices and you can also shake your phone to alter the bubble background in the game.

More updates like this are coming in the future, according to Devine. He wants to update a lot with a ton of meaningful content, which is an approach we can certainly get behind.