Need more Zenonia in your life? You know publisher Gamevil doesn’t have a problem with fulfilling that steamy desire. A fourth game in the RPG series -- apparently dubbed Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend -- is indeed coming down the pipe and a member of our message board snagged the first images we’ve seen of the iOS version in action.

Say what you will about the series’ old-school design and approach to the genre, but you’ve got to admit that the art direction on display is top-notch. Hit up the thread to see the other three images, but also be aware that they're obviously marketing materials.

Our mysterious poster doesn’t know when the game will arrive in the US or at what price, but he or she does seem confident in a couple of features. Zenonia 4 will probably feature retina display support, as well as “thousands of costumes, upgradeable items, and rare items,” they said in the post. As if you didn’t already spend enough time with Zenonia in the first place, right?

We’ll obviously keep our all-seeing eye on red alert and our all-hearing ears to the ground for official announcement and even more assets, so stay tuned.

  • Bongo1979

    Hopefully they get rid of the ridiculously difficult last boss that forces you to pay actual money for life potions just to survive.

    • Ashraf

      that boss is easy for me 🙂

    • Snipyro

      I gotta say I never had any trouble with Zenonia bosses. If you bring a decent amount of potions and use your skills it's really not too bad.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully better controls.

  • theRPGNOOB


  • Chris Overbee

    Looks like a remake of the first from the screens.

  • guestherp

    Why won't they just give it a rest?

  • Klouud

    Looks like Zenonia 2 - 2 (like FFXII - 2)  I love this!!  I wanted to use the mage but did not want to play through the same game twice!  Weee!!  And Zen's get better as time goes on.  Love this series!

  • Joshkun

    The glare from that guy's midriff is positively blinding!!

  • Federico Astica

    I really don't like the "SHOP" button always showing on the main screen.

  • Tikicobra

    Maybe slow down a bit?

  • UmbraVir

    The third was a big disappoint compared to the first two parts of the trilogy. Hopefully the fourth makes a comeback.

    • theRPGNOOB

      I agree the only thing that I think was improved over Zenonia 2 is the story. The 3rd one is also to easy! But you have to admit the 2nd games story SUCKED DICK.

  • spockgold007

    i kinda hope this one retains the first ones awesomeness

  • theRPGNOOB

    In the poster you can see Ecian and morpiece from Zenonia 2!

  • sulphate

    no more crazy IAP plz thats just crazy

  • Anonymous

    looks like it says 2 on 2 pvp down there. looks promising

  • Chris

    2 blonde dudes, (possibly chael and regret) morpice and ecne and also the blue dragon from zenonia 1's icon, this seems promising.

  • Ash

    if it costs real money for things like skill reset then its gonna be disappointing 

  • Kdee405

    please please i hope this game is free, my mom restricted me from buying anything on my phone