Back at GDC we had our greasy hands all over Éric Chahi's iPad which was running a very promising looking early build of Another World. Today publisher BulkyPix announced that the game will be available as a universal app on September 22nd for $4.99. The iOS port will sport a choice of both remastered "HD" graphics as well as the original pixel art, along with both touch controls and a virtual D-pad. In addition, Another World comes with three difficulty levels: the original, as well as a harder and an easier setting.

Originally released in 1991, the game was known as Out of This World in North America. It was among the first games to rely on cinematic effects, sounds, and cut scenes to tell the story, and has since gone on to be ported to a ridiculous number of platforms. The original game has a difficulty level which I feel comfortable describing as "brutal," as you'll die in one hit, and a big part of the game is discovering and learning what can kill you and how to avoid it. I'm concerned with how the controls will translate to the touch-based interface of iOS devices, but remain optimistic that Another World will play just as awesomely as I hope it will.

  • Anonymous

    This game really made an impact on me growing. It was the mid 90's and I was probably 14.  It hit me because it didn't use any dialog, it was cinematic, and had an interesting story.  This is while games like Super Mario World and Sonic were popular.

  •ño/100001349625888 Tomate Diseño

    I can't imagine how the difficulty of this could be adjusted, it's all a bit Manic Miner / Jet Set Willy with its requirements for pixel perfect timed to a microsecond jumping around, unless those distances can somehow be extended and enemies slowed down… As for making it harder - I've no idea how or why anyone would want to do that?! "Brutal" covers it nicely.

    In all I consider this to be an interesting gaming artefact but as an entertainment experience I hate it and consider it well below it's illegitimate offspring, Flashback.

  • chrisp

    i just wet myself w/ excitement.

  • Mark Lipschitz

    Loved this game!  Played it first on my SNES, then 3DO and finally bought it for my Sega Nomad.  What I would really like is the sequel "Another World" that was only available on the Sega CD.

    • Anonymous

      That's Heart of the Alien, and it probably will not show up on iOS. Chahi had nothing to do with it. Also, I own it, and it's not that great. The best part is that it also included the original with CD sound.

  • Slamraman

    Flashback is iCade compatible and is fantastic because of it. I hope these guys do the same with this one.

    • Stuart Carnie

      …and iControlPad too!

      • Slamraman

        I'm nearly dying to play Uridium on iCade and can't wait for the C64 update. Iridis Alpha too. Is it coming soon?

      • ManomioCrooks

        Flashback is an illegal release which should be banned from AppStore. Period.

  • John Usher

    Omg cant wait. I already have flashback and escapee on iOS, takes me back to my amiga days oh the happy times. 🙂

  • Dylan Praesto

    if they have uppdated the sound i will not get this. all voces in this game is Awesome! 😛

    • Hanerlend


  • Anonymous

    This was very cutting edge in its day.... but man was this unforgiving...requiring precision control or insta-death. I don't remember if you had to start a level over upon death or it had scarce save points. I only remember, wanting to punch walls in after losing a life. I'm sure it will be fine tuned on the iPad.

  • Ana Maria Gilabert Orengo

    Excellent adventure, i remember this game. The remasterization look great

  • Michael A. Robson

    Looks beautiful. 

  • danrel

    wasnt this called 'Out of This World'? This was one of my childhood favorites. I just hope it stays true to the crazy difficulty level it originally had... God I hope.

  • danrel

    whooops, did'nt see the original name shout. At any rate, this game should be excellent. Fingers crossed!

  • Streetsy _

    I've bought this game on the SNES and the PC already. Im not gonna be able to resist buying on the ipad too.

  • Tommy

    Oh my yes, cannot wait.

  • Anonymous

    Had it on my SNES in the early 90's and was impressed a lot with it. Great memories