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‘Another World’ Hits the App Store on September 22nd

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Back at GDC we had our greasy hands all over Éric Chahi’s iPad which was running a very promising looking early build of Another World. Today publisher BulkyPix announced that the game will be available as a universal app on September 22nd for $4.99. The iOS port will sport a choice of both remastered “HD" graphics as well as the original pixel art, along with both touch controls and a virtual D-pad. In addition, Another World comes with three difficulty levels: the original, as well as a harder and an easier setting.

Originally released in 1991, the game was known as Out of This World in North America. It was among the first games to rely on cinematic effects, sounds, and cut scenes to tell the story, and has since gone on to be ported to a ridiculous number of platforms. The original game has a difficulty level which I feel comfortable describing as “brutal," as you’ll die in one hit, and a big part of the game is discovering and learning what can kill you and how to avoid it. I’m concerned with how the controls will translate to the touch-based interface of iOS devices, but remain optimistic that Another World will play just as awesomely as I hope it will.

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