Earlier this year, Activision decided that it was done with Bizarre Creations and closed the studio after not being able to find an adequate buyer for it, which stuck me as unfathomable since this is the studio responsible for fantastic games like Blur, Project Gotham Racing, and so on and so forth. Regardless, since then, creators at the studio have made their own independent studios. Hogrocket, led by former Bizarre designer Pete Collier, Geometry Wars [$.99] creator Stephen Cakebread, and community manager Ben Ward, is one of those, and thankfully, they’re pooling their talents in service of an iOS game.

Todays news is a release date: the first game from the studio -- which remains unannounced for the time being -- is coming September 1. In a recent chat with Eurogamer, Collier talked up the release and the challenge:

"We're mega excited to be releasing our very first game here at Hogrocket. The shift from AAA to mobile has been a really rewarding challenge and this launch marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. We hope you enjoy the game,” he said.

We’ve played the game and can’t comment on it at the moment, but what we really wanted to do here is throw down some context. We’re currently trying to wrangle a good time to talk to Hogrocket for an episode of The TouchArcade Show, so we thought it best to give you some sort of foundation to work with. We’re awesome like that.

But, seriously, keep your eyes on these guys. They know what they’re doing and it’ll be great to bring you more in the near future.

[Via Eurogamer]