Crescent Moon To Knock Down The Price of ‘Aralon’ And More Tomorrow

Crescent Moon Games missed a fantastic opportunity to help everyone on the PAX Prime exodus have something to do on their respective trips, but it is throwing a sale for the rest of us who need something to do… over the weekend, I suppose? On the toilet? While waiting for Deus Ex: Human Revolution to load?

Anyway, kicking off tomorrow, August 26, the publisher is hacking at the prices of its catalogue of RPGs and offering them all for a meagre $.99. In the case of most of titles, this will be a savings of several dollars for games that should keep you occupied for hours and hours on end.

Here’s the list and the prices of what these games will be tomorrow:

The iPhone version of Pocket RPG [$4.99], which is making its debut next Thursday, will also be listed at $.99 and join in on this deal, somehow. We’re not sure what the normal price of the app will be otherwise, though I’d imagine you’ll at least be saving a dollar here.

If I may suggest, Aralon seems to be the steal here. Granted, it’s a little clunky, but overall it’s an entertaining and deep RPG experience. Above all, though, it’s like nothing else on the platform, and that kind of novelty has its draws, too.

UPDATE: Pocket RPG iPhone launches on the September 1 alongside everything else on the planet, not tomorrow as I stated. Sorry!