It wouldn’t be a weekend without a couple of sales, right? This latest one is a great one from the Aussies over at Halfbrick. For the next two or so days, Age of Zombies [$.99 / Lite] will retail for 99 cents as opposed to its usual $2.99 price point. Honorary king of Australia and all around cool guy Phil Larsen of Halfbrick shot us a message earlier and reminded us that this is only the second time the hilariously bent dual-stick shooter has been reduced in price since its October 2010 debut on the App Store.

Considering the new price is under a dollar, I seriously doubt any of you absolutely require a break down of its mechanics, systems, or art design, but just in case, here’s a link to our review, which does all those things. In a nutshell, we dug Barry Steakfries’ adventure and his accompanying toilet humor.

On a totally different note, what’s up with the continuing exclusion of Phil in this game? Age of Zombies seems perfectly suited for a swath of heroes and we can’t think of a better auxiliary one than the aforementioned man. Did you fall asleep at the wheel or something, guys? C’mon.

  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    Great game, great dev, great won't be disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite dual-stick shooter. would love to see them make a sequel or add more content to this one.

  • Mik

    Phil wasn't excluded from this game.... listen very closely when Barry picks up weapons.  Who do you think did that voice over work?