The third episode of Agharta Studios’ conceptually brilliant and artistically inspired adventure game series, 1112, has been submitted to Apple and if all goes as planned it should be available on the App Store this coming Tuesday the 23rd. Regardless, it’s out the door and essentially finished after a year or so in development, which is an incredible about of time for a touch game.

Agharta sends word that this episode, naturally, introduces new characters and locations to explore. More importantly, it features several fresh multi-touch “experiences” or puzzles, as well as an intense soundtrack. To get a taste of the latter, just watch this:

We’re also being told that Episode 3 features a longer campaign than the initial two episodes combined. Does that make up for the wait? I don’t know, but we’ll definitely be diving in as soon as we possibly can. Man, that trailer was awesome.

  • Koushi_inaba

    The game itself is great. I loved episode one. I got it when the iPhone 3G just came out (!) Since then I waited about 1,5 years for the next episode. Now the third one? I think they plan to do six. When can we finish the game? In 2020 with our iPhone 10? lol no way guys. Great game but I like a game I can finish and not have to wait a decade for. Please program the game first and then release it as a whole game. 

  • Lakeshore

    Just a quote from the original post for 1112:

    "From the developer: 
    Each new episodes will takes 2 month full time of making (now that we have the technology with Ep01) for the team so no it won't be free, We still have to think about our sales strategy about it (I was thinking something like each other episode at 4.99 depending on what the first sell. Think of it like a popular TV show instead (Lost for exemple) Each episode is a stand alone game starting with a "previously on 1112" and a recap of what happened Of course there will be improvement made in each episode (we already have tons of ideas) in the user interface of new way to do things... at the end (6 episodes are planned) we'll have the largest adventure game ever made I think! (38 characters , hundreds of places , and about the same amount of text there are in lord of the ring lol... there are already 70 000 words in ep01!)"
    Now replace "2 months" with "18 months" to match with reality... While it's nice to finally get episode 3 into our hands, we currently should get episode 14 by august 2011. Think of it like a popular TV show, which gets updated every 18 months. Would you watch it? Would you even remember (or care), what happened and will happen?

    • Alex Agharta

      It's weird to read those old quotes, but still I was wrong, it's a really hard job to create bigger and bigger episodes with such a level of production for the three of us...
      I hope ep04 will be faster to make (or we will manage to grow as a bigger team)

      anyway, wait until you play the game I hope you'll all love it.

  • FreeFrog

    Very excited. Episodes 1 & 2 were excellent.

  • Anonymous

    That song in the trailer was great, anyone know who it's by?

    • Alex Agharta

      It's one of the theme of the game^^ EP will be available later on itunes

      • Anonymous

        Awesome, let us know when and I'll pick it up!

  • Babylandlord

    The song is incredible but it doesn't appear to exist on the internet after much searching! I'd love to buy a vinyl or cd copy of it!

    Either way, the trailer is SO GOOD and I will definitely be picking up episode 3.

  • One Man Gang

    Sounds like Regina Spektor. Confirmation, dev?

    • Alex Agharta

      No, as I stated above, it's some friends of mine who made the music exclusively for our game (Song is about the game)
      They will release the tracklist on itunes Later!

  • Johnny Depp

    What the hell am I doing in this game?

    • Happy W

      Johnny, maybe you should be asking yourself what the hell you were doing in that fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.

      • Johnny Depp

        That was a double.

    • Anonymous

      The icon looks fucking identical!

    • Anonymous

      The icon looks fucking identical!

  • Anonymous

    This is by far the one of the best high quality games on iOS (and now on the Mac). It's hard to wait that long for each episode, but hey, look at it, it's worth it. And remember, Agharta Studio is a company of 3 guys.

    When I look at huge companies like Gameloft, EA, etc. with lots of people involved, maybe 50-500, I really wonder, why they don't have games that really make me warship them...

    • Rpgmind

      lol warship them?

    • Quintin Thomas

      You own a warship? Dude, I worship you.

  • Remmy

    I am glad those guys didn't gave up on making this series yet. I really loved the first two episodes, so definitely looking forward to buying this one.

  • Okokko

    I would be stunned speechless if Louis Everett was not based on Johnny Depp's character, Dean Corso, in The Ninth Gate. They look IDENTICAL.

  • James Fisher

    does anyone know where to find the door knob to get into the bedroom

  • James Fisher

    I have the objective of finding the doorknob, and making sure Anna is okay, I have the first two bits of graffiti on the fridge, and if I lift the painting, does anyone know what I do next

    • Bravewarrior_02

      I'm stuck too. After closer investigation of the odd house with red window I also discovered an open window. But it said it was too high for me to reach so I was able to grab the chair outside John's house but after attempting to use it at the odd house it broke.

  • Alex Agharta

    you can go to the antic shop and grab the ladder in the back room

  • Bloodmay

    anyone know where to find glue?

  • Arrayanstrider

    having trouble finding anna's house o.o anyone know how to get there from John's place?

    • Alex Agharta

      remember to use the 3 finger tap to see all the exit in each scene 🙂

  • Cory Trese

    A year isn't amazing for a touch game, it is slow.

    • Doo Doo Magoo

      Depends on the type of game being developed.  The platform is irrelevant, its the type of game and size of the team that predicates the development time.

  • Michael Ekebratt

    So, did Johnny Depp voice his opinions regarding the usage of his face yet?