Let's talk about big money (no big prizes) for a second. Financial news site Bloomberg is reporting that Angry Birds creator Rovio Mobile is ‘considering’ taking a strategic investment from an 'entertainment company' to expand their wares to China and fund the upcoming movie. If it goes through, unnamed sources indicate that this investment would give Rovio the value of about 1.2 billion. I love it!

These mysterious sources aren’t indicating what parties are interested in investing. We agree with analyst superstar Michael Pachter when he suggests that EA, Zynga, or even Disney are the likeliest possible investors. All of these companies have a huge stake in the mobile space, and obviously wouldn’t mind getting a piece of the Angry Birds action. Disney definitely needs the most cred out of all of these publishers.

Fake, but you get the idea.

If you needed an indication of how popular Angry Birds is outside the world of the App Store or Android, look no further than your local Wal-Mart. Kiosks with Angry Birds plush toys are starting to appear. Also, several stores are carrying shirts with the iconic catapult games’ various winged mascots.

Love it or hate it, you already knew Rovio’s bird game is a powerhouse. I wonder how much longer this can last, though.

[Via Bloomberg, Joystiq - Image 1 via A Kid's Pencil, Image 2 via Gadget Sin]

  • http://twitter.com/minimaxir Max Woolf

    Angry Birds is already oversaturated. If Rovio doesn't diversify people will get sick of it if they haven't already.

  • Ovogame

    Almost a decade ago, we had this internet bubble thingy that blow and hit hard the game industry. When this new bubble will blow, this is going to hurt the industry even more.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, no. You clearly have no idea what the word bubble means in the tech world. The internet bubble of the 90s was a bubble in the first place, and burst because of money being poured into companies from venture capitalists, which in turn was lost from no actual gross income or profits made at the end of the day.

      The popularity of the App Store is the exact opposite of a tech bubble in every way. These companies aren't being made rich off of borrowed money. This steady increase in sales and popularity exist because consumers are actually spending their money on it. Not a bubble. It's just a new market, and one highly profitable at that, if you play your cards right.

      • Crus

        You know, they have revenue 70M per year and are valued 1.2B ? I think its bubble

      • Anonymous

        One over-valued company does not a bubble make.

        Again you people need to understand what that word means (and based on your's and Ovogame's eerily similar poor English, maybe this is no surprise). A "bubble" would be an entirely over-valued sector, which would therefore also translate to iPhone sales themselves (there is a strong argument that strong iOS device sales lead to strong App Store sales). I would never say that the App Store market is over valued in any way, and iPhone sales are increasing at a steady rate, not slowing down. Not a bubble.

      • Crus

        Yes, you are right,  talking about it as bubble is wrong statement and over valued is better..  

  • Anonymous

    Signing in just to say I have and will never buy angry birds.. stupid bandwagon flash game.

  • Anonymous

    I saw huge plush Angry Birds given away as prizes at the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday.  Like it or not, the franchise is huge and lots of people actually like it.

  • Bosconian

    Rovio must've done some black magic ritual or something.

    Angry Birds is mediocre at best as a game. It is one dimensional, flawed, unoriginal, and nothing special on any level whatsoever. How the hell such an average-at-best casual game has risen to such heights is beyond me. I will never, ever understand it.

    • Anonymous

      I'm probably just asking for trouble, but maybe I can help educate you and others in one or two sentences. 

      Angry Birds is successful because it appeals to the mass-casual market. You can hand it over to a 7 year-old (I have) or a 70 year old and they'll both be able to grasp the concept and start having fun immediately. 

      It may not be for everyone, but there's no denying that it's successful, and that it's here to stay. 

      • Bosconian

        And yet it's still a mediocre piece of crap.

  • Real Hero

    I don't think it's good to invest much in a one trick pony company.

  • Andy

    When the film bombs then the shit will hit the fan...

  • Kojima

    I actually think by the time the movie comes out, angry birds will have already died out and the fans have already moved on.

  • A. P.

    I was told by a higher power to hate on Angry Birds, without reading a single word of the article.

    (Actually, the article puts a lot of the iOS dev industry into perspective. Seems like a bright future ahead if more devs accomplish milestones like this)

  • Anonymous

    Angry birds was great when it first came out, but just like the Call of Duty series, Angry Birds has gotten boring due to a lack of innovation.

    Rovio needs to create a new Angry Birds game that has a lot more changes than just new graphics.

  • Cadetompkins

    @Pseven7:disqus true but that does not change the fact that it is a overrated game with no replay value, weak gameplay, and a nonexistent story. I wonder to myself "why don't these idiot fanboys play a good game like the Zenonia games.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Yes because a Korean action RPG is totally in the same league as a mega-casual physics-based puzzle game.

  • TheRPGnoob

    @ELi Hodapp What physics? The game hardly has them when objects often FLOAT IN THE AIR WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE FALLEN! Not to mention the fact that they are the same price. The fact is that people are wasting their time when they can be spending it on other great casual games on the app store

  • Just smile

    I agree with pseven7, most of my 12 year old classmates play them, my 30 year old uncle plays them and my 5 year old brother plays them. That is one of the reasons. The other one is that every second person that buys him self an iPad-iPod- iPhone will buy himself the best app in the app store.