Gameprom, one of the leading developers of iOS and Mac pinball games, have just revealed their latest upcoming table: Da Vinci Pinball. They’ve released a bunch of new screenshots for the game on the Da Vinci Pinball website, several of which you can see above as well as in the gallery below (click to enlarge). Here’s a quick blurb from Gameprom about the direction they’re going with Da Vinci Pinball:

Coming Soon: Da Vinci Pinball - a celebration of the quintessential Renaissance mind! This new addition to the Pinball HD lineup features innovative mechanisms and artwork in honor of the great Leonardo!

Playing the game, you will travel along the great Renaissance Man's path of groundbreaking discoveries and inventions and navigate these wonders from within his very mind.

First off, I can’t imagine a much better theme for a pinball table than all of the amazing creations of Leonardo da Vinci. The screenshots look gorgeous so far, with tons of interesting looking table elements that look straight out of the Renaissance era. Gameprom has let us know in our forums that Da Vinci Pinball will be a DLC item for their existing Pinball HD [99¢/HD/Mac] on both the iOS and Mac platforms. The table should be hitting sometime next month, and we’ll be sure to check it out then.

  • asolja

    appears a bit buggy since update in July,not that new a release also.

  • Check12

    Can't tell from the shots but probably safe to assume the flippers will be too big and tilt up too far. It's just such a shame they can't get that right.

  • Adams Immersive

    Gameprom’s punball games are my favorite “regular” pinball games. Easily worth far more than a buck per table. (I still like Undead Attack even better, but it's a novel take on the genre, a little different from traditional pinball.)

  • Anonymous

    Gameprom's tables always look good, but the actual game design and physics behind them leave a lot to be desired.

    I really want the Pinball Hall of Fame series to get ported to my iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Looks gorgeous.

  • Rafael Pt

    Its cool but i still wish those "Pinball Yeah!" guys would release more tables. They were very different from "normal pinball". Still, Gameprom kicks ass on simulation.