Here's some news that just seems crazy, until you stop and think about just how great the soundtrack of Sword & Sworcery [$4.99 Universal / $2.99] actually is. For reference, we absolutely loved the accompanying music as mentioned in our review, and the soundtrack has since become a staple in my iTunes library. I suppose it only makes sense that an album as great as this gets sampled, but it does seem a little surreal that Lil Wayne would be pulling music from iOS games. I wonder if he's a Sworcery fan?

Anyway, here's the original song by Jim Guthrie entitled "The Cloud":

And here's the making of Lil Wayne's "She Will". Keep in mind this is an explicit rap song, so it includes some language that you might potentially find offensive or inappropriate if you're at work or have kids nearby:

Alternatively, you can listen to the full version of the song here.

Crazy stuff, right? The sampling seems pretty unmistakable. Either way, if you'd like to sample the Sword & Sworcery soundtrack in your upcoming rap single, you can either download it from Bandcamp where it's available in tons of different formats, or you can head on over to iTunes.

Also, if you haven't yet, you really need to play Sword & Sworcery. Superbrothers and Capybara Games can now say that the same is so good it's getting sampled, a claim I'm not sure anyone else in the iOS world can make.

  • Jay MacEachern

    What is even worse is that people actually listen to Lil Wayne.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Popular music, am I right?

      • Anonymous

        You clearly haven't listened to a lot of Lil Wayne songs. 

        He's...he's rather terrible. 

      • TImC

        I actually quite like popular music.. but Lil Wayne's music is aggressively awful.

  • backtothis


    Looking forward to The Carter IV in any case. Looks like Weezy is trying out some new stuff. "How to Love" was a pretty nice change from his usual style and is the only song out from his upcoming album I think. 

    Lol, Drake and Weezy are a little too gay for each other, just saying. That's fine though. 


  • backtothis


    Looking forward to The Carter IV anyways. Looks like Weezy is trying out some new stuff. "How to Love" was a pretty nice change from his usual style. I think that's the only track from the album released so far.

    Lol, Drake and Weezy are a little too homo for each, just saying. That's fine though. Drizzy is pretty sick.

  • backtothis

    Looking forward to the Carter IV. "How to Love" was a nice change from Weezy's usual style. 

    Drake and him have a little too much homo time though, just saying. That's all good though. Drake's new album should be coming in a bit too. "Headlines" is a nice track from his upcoming one.

    • backtothis

      Sorry for the double post. Please delete the other one.

    • backtothis

      Sorry for the double post. Please delete the other one.

  • Real Hero


  • OFErOne (Erwin Ocampo)

    The fact that S&S is getting sampled should be something to be proud of....collect those royalties and put it to the next game! 😀

    • Jay MacEachern

      Yeah unfortunately they will probably only sample enough so they don't have to pay them.

      • Andy Baio

        Unfortunately, in the U.S., all copyrighted samples must be cleared regardless of length.  The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that even a two-second sample was infringement: They implied that there was no minimum length at all. 

      • Marxdan

        This is "unfortunate" because... the original composer must be paid? It's ok to steal just a small part of a composer's work and avoid paying them? Hip hop artists will have to actually learn how to play instruments and and compose actual music themselves?

      • Nunya

        So you are aware you are generalizing and that many hip hop artists play instruments or have live bands playing behind them, right? Sampling is also used quite heavily in other genres of music not to mention the number of covers in the rock world.

      • Mardan

        That's not my point, I'm not arguing the merits or lack thereof in HH. My issue is with Andy Baio's use of the term "unfortunately" in regard to the court decision in his link. Unless I'm misunderstanding sarcasm, his implication appears to be that it should be legal to use a sample of any length without compensation to the creator/owner of that particular recording. There shouldn't be anything illegal with taking a section of someone else's recording, and with their knowledge and permission, incorporating it into a new project, as long as compensation is made to the original for usage. Artistically, it's pretty lame-ass, but that's my opinion. If you want to tap your foot and call it art, that's your prerogative, it's just critical that the original artists are paid.

      • Fukuisan

        He's not necessarily implying it should be legal to use a sample of any length, but implying it should be legal to use a sample of a very short length.

      • Marxdan

        The Bridgeport vs Dimension settlement is correct. It doesn't matter how short the stolen recording is, it's stealing and profiting by use of someone else's work. If the original artist is so inconsequential to the success of the new "composition", don't use his material, hit the drum, play the guitar yourself. Or get some real musicians to play your "ideas". Oh, but you'll have to pay them, won't you?

      • Casio

        Damn, you're obnoxious and missing the point.

        Your comments about guitars and drums, 'real music' and "lame-ass" artistry show a general ignorance towards Rap, Hip Hop, music history/theory and how creativity works. 

        For starters, if you don't know what a quodlibet is, look it up.

        As Nunya's point hints at, before sampling was around, covers and various versions of standards had a popular place in the world of music that dates back at least 600 years. Hence, it can be argued that sampling to create a new work is more creative than just releasing a new recording of a overly-familiar composition. Or it can be considered a more contemporary extension of the age-old phenomenon.

        And as for "real musicians", if you knew any you'd know that they most don't invent and build their instruments, devise new scales, create unheard structures, etc. Instead they copy the ideas of their predecessors and continue to copy the ideas of their contemporaries. 

        Your notion that sampling is for fake musicians reminds me of the similarly ignorant comments people made about synthesisers 30-odd years ago (e.g. "They play themselves") and about studio technology (e.g. Phil Spector's dismissal of 'Pet Sounds' as an "edit record").

        If you knew anything about the history of music you'd also know that music copyrighting and the idea that someone can 'own' an idea are relatively new phenomena and have more to do with protecting commerce than protecting creativity, which, as I pointed out, is much more about adapting pre-existing ideas than invention. 

        Likewise, you'd know about all the "real musicians" and composers who have used sampling, including Brian Eno, David Byrne, Stockhausen, Steve Reich, The Beatles, Terry Riley and Pierre Henry. And if you knew anything about art you'd know about the "real" visual artists who used an equivalent, including Man Ray, Picasso, Duchamp, Matisse and Warhol.

        Now please stop posting your ignorant opinions on what is and isn't "real".

      • Jeremy Barnes

        I appreciate you taking the uninformed, Marxdan, to task.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I hate being judgmental, but listening to that ruined my Friday. And I'm certainly not referring to the S&S soundtrack.

  • andrew mushel

    That sound track seriously needs a CD release. Vinyl is completely pointless, especially in an age when the music is all recorded and produced digitally anyway. It just takes up more room, costs more, and wears out sooner. As for the Lil Wayne song... The sampling was quite well done, but the lyrics and horrid, autotune chorus were not.

    • John Gottschalk

      You know you can purchase a digital version right? CD's are about as redundant as vinyl is now anyways, except vinyl still has its uses for dj's.

      • Tower_Defender

        After my computer died the 4th time... and the constant need to backup all my music, so I don't lose everything... it is becoming easier just to buy the album as a CD if I want a album.... so I can just simply reupload it when my computer dies.

      • John Gottschalk

        With the number of albums I have it would not be a simple thing to reupload from cd's. Much easier with an external hard-drive.

    • Nightportier

      Got both the Digital download and the Vinyl when i bought vinyl.. and it's something special with an old LP imo. Almost forgot, S&S soundtrack is awsome!

  • Cowboysfreetyme

    Haters gonna hate.

    Carter 2 is still a classi and sure he has hits and misses but hes not a terrible rapper.

    Anyway I doubt Wayne himself picked the aample as I'm somewhat sure he doesn't produce his own music.

    • Gambino

      He actually produced his own music and Lil Wayne is an artist you either love him or hate him. He is gifted in his field and I highly respect and enjoy him. Love this song but as a fan of a wide range of hip-hop it is not a shock I love this. 

  • Anonymous

    Never understood how/why he's famous. 

  • Briker Ed

    'Ugh!' pretty sums it up for me. He's gonna be so hardcore on MTV, and that's a joke within a joke right there.... This qualifies for a 'What is this? I don't even....' moment if you ask me. A simple 'Why?' doesn't do the trick.

  • Blueknight1st

    Not sampled, stolen.

  • Djdjdjdjd

    i am really disappointed at the amount of haters on toucharcade.......lil wayne tends to hit and miss sometimes a miss would be how to love. but this song is pretty hot.

  • bennehftw

    Lol of course your going to get a bunch of negative reviews. You don't bring lil wayne to a majorly non-rap liking community. 

    OT: I think its great to further put the name of ios games out there. regardless of any circumstance.

  • Charles Newkirk

    I -love- that the soundtrack from this game is getting the attention it deserves! "Comments must be civil, respectful, and on-topic" As  I have no wish to violate this aspect of the TOS, I can make no comments in regards to Lil Wayne and this track; Nor will I state my thoughts on the level of intelligence that must have been required to display such lyrical genius.

  • Simitakhar

    i dont think he sampled this as in the track listing for the album it says it samples"I Have Arrived" by Gramz.

  • jin choung

    **YAYAH!**  (first??)

  • Anonymous

    As a musician and producer I don't think it's sampled from S&S EP.  The xylo/vibraphone line is -similar- but it's not quite the same (nowhere do I hear an interval of an octave in the original), plus I don't hear the guitar line in lil wayne's version.  Also it's a common modal chord progression.  The chances of a coincidence like this occurring aren't completely unreasonable.

    • Cat Astrophy

      A coincidence. Just like Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby.

  • blah

    I am not sure what to think about this the two are very similar.. if it is sampled.. good luck at getting royalties.. and do you know how many rap artists i have heard that their songs just use presets from drummachines and synths!? I mean come on! at least change the sounds to the drums.. or tweak the presets a bit so they sound different!