‘Roboto’ Update Hits With Tweaks, Fixes, and More

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Technical hiccups and control issues kept us from delivering a glowing review for Fenix Fire Games’ visually stunning fast-paced platformer, Roboto [$2.99]. In a new update, these issues have presumably stabilized the touch-and-go experience users have been grumbling about.

Version 1.0.1 brings about, foremost, important visual optimizations, as well as graphical effects and camera options for people with older devices. It also packs in nebulous bug fixes. I suspect that the new aforementioned toggles in the Options menu are exactly what users with older devices will need in order to run the game sans the frame rate hitches and critical crashes.

While the tremendously bad virtual stick in Roboto has yet to be addressed, Fenix has added a choice in the Options menu with this new update. Now, you’ll be able to use the L/R or the joystick for navigation. Neat! I wonder what’s next? C’mon iControlPad support!

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