Did the ‘Sword & Sworcery’ Soundtrack Just Get Sampled by Lil Wayne?

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Here’s some news that just seems crazy, until you stop and think about just how great the soundtrack of Sword & Sworcery [$4.99 Universal / $2.99] actually is. For reference, we absolutely loved the accompanying music as mentioned in our review, and the soundtrack has since become a staple in my iTunes library. I suppose it only makes sense that an album as great as this gets sampled, but it does seem a little surreal that Lil Wayne would be pulling music from iOS games. I wonder if he’s a Sworcery fan?

Anyway, here’s the original song by Jim Guthrie entitled “The Cloud":

And here’s the making of Lil Wayne’s “She Will". Keep in mind this is an explicit rap song, so it includes some language that you might potentially find offensive or inappropriate if you’re at work or have kids nearby:

Alternatively, you can listen to the full version of the song here.

Crazy stuff, right? The sampling seems pretty unmistakable. Either way, if you’d like to sample the Sword & Sworcery soundtrack in your upcoming rap single, you can either download it from Bandcamp where it’s available in tons of different formats, or you can head on over to iTunes.

Also, if you haven’t yet, you really need to play Sword & Sworcery. Superbrothers and Capybara Games can now say that the same is so good it’s getting sampled, a claim I’m not sure anyone else in the iOS world can make.

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