If you’ve turned your attention from Tiny Tower [Free] to check out the other tower simulation game on the market, Mega Mall Story [$3.99], here’s a solid reason to jump back in: new content. Nimblebit has updated its free-to-play joint to version 1.3, adding a lot to the personality to the mix via a free update. The headliner is the new citizen dress-up menu, which allows you to change the costumes of your dwellers whenever. Along these lines, it’s also unleashed a new Web tool that gives you the power to creator your own custom citizen.

On the more mechanical front, version 1.3 has added a new residential floor and has increased the dream job bonus to 2 “bux.” Also, business floors can now be upgraded to hold more junk, VIPS now fill all empty bedrooms in a given floor, and a new elevator has been introduced. A few rare-ish crash bugs have been addressed, too.

I fully expect Tiny Tower to continue to grow and change as user demands and habits inform the evolving F2P model and where designers’ efforts go. That said, I think our original (and glowing) review still stands -- this is an awesome F2P game with a lot to offer and very few hassles. Check out that write-up if finally you want to dive in but need a few more specifics beforehand. And if you're one of those people crawling back after Mega Mall Story... you've made a brothers' Marsh cry with your deviance.

  • UmbraVir

    I thought that the placement of a dream job was 3 bux... no?

    Has been a long time since I deleted the app. It's been very repetitive. 

    • Jcman7

      The lowered it to only 1 in a previous update. Glad it went back up. They have definitely made it harder to get bux in updates

    • Yahan Xie

      now it's 2 bux.

  • http://twitter.com/powa1216 Henry Lee

    "increased the dream job bonus to 2 bux"
    I'll give it another chance because of this. Though when it went from 3 to 1 bux per dream job, i almost wanted to delete the app by that time.

  • Ben Ehlers

    I played Tiny Tower obsessively for about five days. Then I realized that it isn't a game at all. See, games have stakes, you can lose a game or suffer negative consequences by making poor choices. Tiny Tower has NONE of that. The biggest consequence the player can suffer is not progressing fast enough, and LOOKY LOOKY you can conveniently skirt around that by spending some cash. 

    Tiny Tower is not a game. It is a toy. 

    • Guest

      Genius at work. Good thing it only took you five days to realise that.

  • Tulse

    Note that there is a bug in this release that slows coin earning by about a half when the game is active (although not when it is in the background).  The developer is apparently working on a bug fix for this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Rabattino/1129592217 Michael Rabattino

    After playing solidly for weeks, I haven't touched it.  The elevators costs WAY too much, and I have third fastest and it's still a chore to climb the floors.  If they reduce the cost of the elevators I might consider playing frequently again.

  • http://twitter.com/Skater1405 Devin

    You mean bitizen, not citizen. 😉

    I think the app is a little more stable and less laggy. On my 4th gen iPod when you have a lot of floors (I have 68) and you tap the icons to go to the floor to restock it, it's not as choppy. It's a lot more smooth.

  • Geoff

    I've found that the sales aren't as fast anymore, my sales per minute are hovering around 300, when it used to be around 700. And my floors are for the most part fully stocked. Anyone else have this problem?

    • http://twitter.com/eeen Ian Marsh

      An update fixing the slows sales is being submitted today, sales while away from the app are unaffected.

      • http://twitter.com/Skater1405 Devin

        Good to know, I was wondering why it suddenly decreased!

  • Briker Ed

    I still like Tiny Tower, but I wonder for how much longer. From my experience, it's inevitable, for a f2p game, not to reach a 'enough is enough' point. Right now we're seeing the introduction of more customization options and upgrades, that cost 'bux', and a slower 'bux' earning rate. Mind you, it's not that awful still, but kind of makes me scared waiting for next updates.

    • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

      Tell me a single game where that point isn't reached, for pay and not for pay.

      There isn't a single game in the world that doesn't get old. Even Diablo 2 and Command & Conquer got old just like World of Warcraft got old after a couple of years worth of playtime.

      • Briker Ed

        Well, of course....  I was thinking about getting old (and over a game) for completely different reasons. Like developers changing the mechanics (often passed as 'balancing') so much that you just feel no guilt to quit. It's most noticeable for f2p games in general. I'm all for freemium, but devs so easily cross into greediness. That's what I was talking about.

      • themostunclean

        First person ever to be "all for freemium" on TA. You, sir, need to have your gamer credentials reassessed.

    • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

      Tell me a single game where that point isn't reached, for pay and not for pay.

      There isn't a single game in the world that doesn't get old. Even Diablo 2 and Command & Conquer got old just like World of Warcraft got old after a couple of years worth of playtime.

  • shamyou

    meh..i deleted it after about 4 days it became hella boring, i hate!!! that you have to go back at certain times to harvest/stock goods, or else it spoils. worst game idea ever. i want to play when i want to not when the game alerts me to play.

    • cube

      Dude, you should really play a game before you bad mouth it, this is the first free to play game I've played where stock *doesn't* spoil over time

      • shamyou

        i mean you have to pay time to stocking, 1st click to start then return to click stock, then return again once thats run out. and repeat..not to dissimilar to farming games.

        i did play it a lot for about a week or two but got bored, just my opinion you know. if you like it good for you.:)

      • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

        Stop lying. 

        Nobody who played the game for longer than 5 minutes would've commented "or else it spoils".

      • shamyou

        if i never played it how would i know you have to firstly click to start stock production, then return again to stock and repeat that.

        it was a free game with lots of coverage at launch! why would i not play it!i was waiting for the release.stop assuming.

      • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

        Oh I am SO SORRY. Should I have expected you also didn't read the review on Toucharcade telling you it's about stocking things?

        Seriously, stop digging your own hole.

      • shamyou

        haha this argument is pointless. if you want to believe i never played a free game that i waited for the release of go ahead sebastian. 

        seriously..theres only one hole here i can see and thats a n A HOLE in big glasses.

      • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

        Well I guess it's your word against my assumptions.

        Considering you stated something that isn't true and now also insulted me, I think it's not hard to judge who's what.

      • bones boy

        Meh! Hella! Meh! Hella! Hella Meh!

      • august_25

        WOOOW, you're the biggest nerd if i ever saw one. Yes i wear glasses too, but wow Sebastian, Shamyou might be quick with words, but you're just barking up the wrong tree. I can't believe people actually WAIT for these games, i thought i was bad for waiting for starcraft 2 for like 10 (or however many) years. (BTW i hated the SC game). Tiny towers is a pointless game... that;s true, and easy to cheat on, just change the date on the phone, and then when everything is stocked , return date to normal. I think i went from 2-18 floors in like 3 hours of intense playing. But hey if you like it, that's awesome. I have bigger things in life unfortunately.

      • http://www.peitsch.de Sebastian

        Do you have your internet printed out and sent to you via Snail Mail or why do you comment on a thread that's 4 months old?

        And maybe you should get into debate club or something. This was published AFTER the game came out and you blab on about waiting for a game and Starcraft 2 and how you hate it and barking up the wrong tree... do you also hear voices?


    • http://www.facebook.com/Shabinky Brian Perdue

      "..or else it spoils." What game are you playing? TT items don't expire like Farm Story. BTW I play it when I want to.. it DOESN'T need to be played when it alerts you.

  • http://twitter.com/powa1216 Henry Lee

    Wow, sales speed cut in half. Guess I found a reason to uninstall it now. Despite i'm at level 72, each update is getting more ridiculous!

    • Guest

      Read the comments?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Federico-Astica/1003533711 Federico Astica

    Why doesn't the sales bug duplicate sales instead of cutting them in half? life is so unfair...

  • Nipommu

    does the new 1.3 version require the internet?

    • Anonymous

      None of the versions have.

  • Somanta

    I'm wondering about the elevator.  The new one costs 499 Bux!  Now my (previously) top of the line elevator seems slower.  Would they have slowed it down?  Might that affect sales?  My sales per minute has also dropped from near 700 to around 400.

  • resnyc

    Annoying that the only way to earn bux quickly is to buy them with real money.  I think once I shell out $5 for a supply of bux, I shouldn't ever have to pay again to have fun in a simulation game.  Instead it's wait wait wait wait and schlep people up the elevator and re-stock, restock, restock.  You should be able to auto-restock a store for some extra coin, not bux.  The scarcity of bux just means these guys want their customers to keep paying after we're addicted.  As someone said, it's not a game, it's a toy, and it's a toy that is only fun if you keep throwing (real) money into it to get bux.  Like a slot-machine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kang-DaeSung/100001452641904 Kang DaeSung

    I have 700 bux o/