Game Doctors’ undead battle game, Zombie Smash [$.99 / HD / Free / HD Free], is now cheaper and boasts a new online mode courtesy an update-job that wormed through certification this afternoon. The new mode is a head-to-head “Battle Game Mode,” which will have you, basically, defending and attacking the zombie horde as usual while a friend does the same. The man who holds out the longest wins.

Game Center support as well as voice chat support have been added. The former we can really get behind, but the latter? Well, let’s just say we’ve heard enough of what 12-year-olds have had to say when they think they’re alone and anonymous.

As for the sale part, Zombie Smash is now 50 percent off from its usual price. On the smaller devices, it’s sitting at an agreeable $.99. On the iPad, it’s just $1.99. That’s a deal for us -- we’re huge fans of the game, as we established in our review. If you're still gun shy, you can also download the various Lite versions of the game.

Lastly, some bugs have been addressed in this latest update. The pesky zombie unlock issues have been addressed, as well as those Camp 2 Night woes for people with old school phones and iPod Touches. Oh! And now you can see boss energy bars, as well as monitor your own damage better courtesy an enhanced alert system. As if we needed to be reminded how much we suck.

  • Nymn X

    However, they got rid of the cheat codes.

  • Nymn X

    However, they got rid of the cheat codes.  🙁