The collective hive mind of TouchArcade couldn't possibly be more excited for Machinegun Jetpack, unless of course Halfbrick succumbs to our demands of including their own Phil Larsen as a playable character. Anyway, it seems that the previous video released by the Australia-based development studio was just the first of a series slowly teasing the game before its release in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

If this is the first you've heard of Machinegun Jetpack, it's a game we've been following for what feels like an eternity that continues the adventures of Barry Steakfries previously featured in Monster Dash [99¢] and Age of Zombies [$2.99]. Like those two games, Machinegun Jetpack takes a familiar game type (in this case, the cave flyer) and turns it up to 11, as evident by the previous video and made even more obvious by the latest surprisingly Phil-less developer diary:

I'm loving all the power-ups included in the game, and it's music to my ears to hear that there's potentially even more coming via updates. This game looks so incredibly over the top, I can't wait to play it.

  • Sdfsfet

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  • Truth

    Been waiting for this since the first day it was announced. And that was a long time ago. Honestly though I don't get all these developer diary videos and teasers from Halfbrick. This game isn't like Infinity Blade, Dead Space, FF Tactics, etc. nor is it even groundbreaking. It's just a enhanced take on the Monster Dash formula. The more I see news about teasers/dev diary videos of this game rather than a scheduled release date, it makes me feel that it's just too overexposed. The gameplay is simple. What's more to show?? Just release the game already!

  • Davidzebro91

    I agree in terms of this game having a bit too much exposure. I dig and respect that these guys are really excited about this, but forgive me if I'm not gonna fall out of my seat for another endless runner on the app store.

  • gestapo_crap

    wow, ANOTHER high score game? Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Profit bird lol
    I can't wait for this