Limbic Software’s Zombie Gunship [$.99] is a fascinating change-of-pace game. In it, you pilot an AC-130 and drop hot metal on the undead, similar to how you butcher regular infantry in its iconic aircraft sections in the Modern Warfare games. From an overview level, this is a cool, compact twist on zombie genre which has struggled of late for a creative spark.

When we first praised the game, it was only available for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Now, it is a Universal game courtesy of a new (and free!) update. I went hands-on with the iPad version this morning and came away pretty impressed. The game looks stellar on the bigger screen, and it plays just fine, too.

Provided no-one makes a Zombies Vs. Dinosaurs game in the near-to-mid future, I think we’ll continue to struggle to find new experiences in this genre. I’m glad that Zombie Gunship exists, first of all, but I’m stoked that it’s actually fun, too. Check out the iPad version already!

  • Adams Immersive

    Well, Age of Zombies doesn’t have zombies vs. dinosaurs.... but it does have zombie dinosaurs!

  • Tombo

    The game is great, no question, but what really annoys me is that all of your weapon upgrades from the iPhone version (some of them where I spent real money on coins) do not transfer over to the iPad version. Damn if I'm going to be spending MORE money to upgrade my weapons again. You would think with "Universal" support that the weapons would automatically sync and be the same across the board.

    • [Limbic] Iman

      @Tombo: Sorry that your coins didn't transfer over! There is no automatic cloud syncing across devices as iOS 4 doesn't support this, but that's a feature we'll consider adding in a future update.  Also, please send us an email at support at

  • Ryan Bliss

    I've been having a lot of fun with this game over the past couple of weeks.  The Universal update is sweet!     I would, however, love to see some new destructible environments (trees, houses, etc) in future updates. 

  • mark

    just waiting for mac app store version

  • idanian

    It would be nice to have the ability to move the weapon cycle area.  Seeing as you never fire and toggle weapons at the same time, it would be nice to place the weapon cycle above the left hand fire button.

    My only other gripe is the penalty incurred when you kill a human who is engaged by a zombie.  Why should I be penalized for trying to help kill the zombie when he is going to die anyway?  I imagine it was put in place to counter the ability to mass bomb the bunker entrance, but it feels like once they start stacking up in larger groups I hit the 3 life limit quite quickly... perhaps I lack the skills needed to keep the zombies at bay.  It is a shame because the first few minutes seem tedious but my smile grows wider and wider as you lay down a massive onslaught to large groups, only to be ended quickly by killing civilians because I am unable to put them out of their mercy 🙂

  • Bill Turner

    would be awesome if this game could be ported uover to the android sytem.. played it on my friends Iphone

  • Slapy29

    does any1 know when this game will be @freeappaday? cuz i dont have money on my account and i wont have soon but i love the game from what i saw :D:D:D