QuakeCon 2011 doesn’t have a whole lot in store for id Software’s mobile fans. The studio's focus is squarely sitting on the promotion of RAGE, which is hitting this fall. Even in past years the show has been more about the ‘big’ titles as opposed to the ‘small’ mobiles ones, but we thought you should check out the opening keynote from designer John Carmack anyway, which has been graciously uploaded to YouTube.

Carmack speaks with a totally unique voice. Not only is the dude brilliant and articulate, he’s a visionary in the games design and technology field. What he says matters and what he does has mattered to mobile audiences in the past; we wouldn’t have, say, RAGE HD [$1.99] or DOOM Classic [$1.99], if there wasn’t a John Carmack. We also wouldn’t even know what DOOM was if not for him and his team of pioneers. Anyway, here's the video:

The keynote is over a hour-long and we’re still working through it. Dude hooked me within the first 15 seconds, though, so I’ll be sticking around until the end.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that he is a visionary, unfortunately Tim Willets is an idiot. Carmack was instrumental in support for both Linux and Mac for all id releases and now it seems that the bean counters are calling the shots with the cancellation of Mac/Linux Rage. A very sad day in the history of id, but throwing a bone to the Mac faithful with a bastardized version of Rage for iOS, bravo.

    • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson

      This just in: the traditional market for video games is tiny. What do expect him to say? Apple's already shoved the traditional games market into irrelevancy without even trying.

      • Anonymous

        I'd like him to release the Mac version of the game that they first introduced the world to at WWDC. They are releasing on PC/PS3/360 and iOS to some degree, see anything missing there?

    • Bob

      I simply boot into windows 7 when I want to play video games. There's nothing stopping me from playing any game I want on my mac.

  • JLacrosse

    I'm a Mac user and he's probably right about the majority of us. They aren't passing up any sort of boffo opportunity for record breaking profits by not making a Mac version of one or more of their games. They are probably making a rational decision regarding what resources to devote to the market they are best able to focus in on.

    • Anonymous

      Carmack designed the engine so cross platform development would be relatively trivial, so I don't by the resource argument. I think again, its shorted sighted and personal reasons on the part of Tim, especially in light of the massive amount of Mac's that Apple is selling each quarter compared to 10 years ago when id was making concurrent releases.

      • Karbax

        If that were actually true, they'd have more than the 10% of the market that they do-which is what they had 10 years ago as well. 

      • Anonymous

        "Actually true." Look at the numbers of Mac sales, record numbers each quarter for the last 5 years. Apple has dominant marketshare in laptops $1000+. General marketshare numbers take into account businesses and corporations  which are PC markets but also don't play games. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001703403928 Lily Chen

    I think iD lost some of its touch after the other John ( Romero ) was kicked out.

    while it's right that Carmack was the leading force in game engine design , without Romero great design and vision something was missing.Heck in the end Doom as a world was more him then anyone else on the team. He was the visionary behind it .He was the one who saw Carmack's great engine and thought :Doom.
    The thing is that after they kicked Romero ( who was the leading force behind founding iD) both sides suffered: Romero hadn't released any good quality game and iD hadn't invented new series up until Rage.

    I really like iD but they seem to lack something from the 'Two Johns' period that they can't get back with Carmack and Willits 

    • Karbax

      Really? Where's Romero now? Obviously you never played Daikatana-one of the worst games ever, and all Romero's baby. 

      • Gilbert Palau

        Pic: http://www.3drealms.com/bio/images/legacy_romero2.jpg

        "On August 31, 2005, Romero confirmed[8] that he has been working on a yet-to-be-announced MMOG at his newly opened development studio, Slipgate Ironworks.[1] It has been reported that the name is temporary. "For the record," Romero wrote, "I'm co-founder of a new game company in the Bay Area and am much better off in many ways than I was at Midway." He also said that he would not reveal anything about the company or the game until 2007. On March 17, 2009 it was announced that Slipgate Ironworks is part of Gazillion Entertainment.[9] According to John Romero, he is a co-founder[10] of Gazillion."

        What an idiot....

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001703403928 Lily Chen

        I never said that Romero was better off. The guy was arrogant a hell and without Carmack to bring him down he never managed to make a good game ( The mention of Daikatana makes morn those lost hours of childhood).

        I only said that iD weren't as good without Romero. Look at the quantity of games they released ( 5 ,including rage, in the last 15 years) and their relative quality ,plot and design wise, weren't as good when compared to the "Two Johns" period.

    • Gilbert Palau

      I'm thinking maybe Romero made you his bitch after all... Did you by any chance play Daikatana?  The dude spent more money in the Game studio Office than in the  direction with the game, in the end it tanked and it sucked.  That was the end of John Romero...

      You know there is a saying that a spear without its blade is just a stick.

      • Bob

        Actually he has his own studio and is making social games for Facebook. Try using google before you open your dumb mouth.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001703403928 Lily Chen

        Have you read what I wrote? I said both sides suffered. Without Carmack to put him down when his visions exceeded the technical capabilities of the engine Romero could never have made a good game.

        Its what happened in Daikatana and in the end to the original Hall-Romero Ion-Storm.

        On the other hand this is  the first ID franchise not to be designed by Romero/Hall .Quake was his idea ( based on the RPG session Carmack GMd), Woolfenstien was a mix of Hall's and his design and to some extent so was doom ( Actually the only franchise not to be designed by Romero was Hall's Commander keen ).
        After they kicked Romero out all iD did was to release Quake 2-4, Doom3 and the iD engines. Those games were good gameplay wise but the story was blend ( There is almost no story in Quake 2-4  and doom3 is a remake of the old doom story).While iD had released good title post Romero it wasn't the same. Epic passed them in both tech and design with the unreal series and the number of games they made in the 15 years since the kicked Romero is 5 and that's includes rage.

    • Bob

      I agree. Carmack knows nothing about making a fun game. Everything after Quake sucked and had no character. He's just an academic who is good at improving game engines. He's not a genius, hell he had Michael Abrash do most of the hard work back in the day. Sandy Peterson was a bigger influence on the early id games.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001703403928 Lily Chen

        Petersen had done an amazing job in doom . Some of the level designs he made were the best I saw in the 90s.

  • ben

    too bad he didn't say much about doom 4

  • Jon

    Just watched the whole thing...

    Very cool video... he loves talking about texture optimisation...

    Its certainly the sort of chat that makes you want to do some old school programming...

    Back home tonight to carry on tinkering with my ios game in development... (its certainly no Rage...