Dekovir’s Amazing Breaker [$.99] kinda came out of nowhere. One day, Eli stumbled upon a little fanfare in the message board and decided to review it. Next thing he knew, he was singing about how good it was on our podcast and serving anyone within listening distance with a heaping plate of praise. Chances are you if you heard him, you already grabbed the game, but if you decided to pass, you really have no excuse now. It’s free. Like, free-free free.

I’m a fan, too, though mostly only because I like smashing precious or beautiful things. The hook revolves around ‘breaking’ sculptures with a bomb-filled catapult. As the intensity of the sculptures ratchets up, your bombs gain powers for maximum obliteration possibilities. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s still pretty fun.

The free-ness of Amazing Breaker will only last the next 16-ish hours, so if you’ve got about five or so seconds go ahead and grab it. I guess there’s a chance you’ll regret it, but it’s not like you lost anything out of the deal.

  • Jason M Hirst

    I absolutely love this game, one of the unsung heroes of recent games, can't wait for more levels to come out.

    • pileofnearmisses

      Totally agree, this game is addictive!

  • Tino

    20.6 Meg.  That's borderline mean.  I'll have to wait til I'm home from work to download it. 🙁

    Looks pretty awesome though!

  • HelperMonkey

    I highly, heartily recommend this one. I payed for it just a few hours before it went free, but I like it too much to be bothered. It has that "destroy something by flinging objects of different types at it" mechanic, but -more so than Angry Birds- it involves a surprising amount of strategy and thought.
    Getting three stars is infuriatingly difficult on most levels, but it becomes an obsession. I'm sure that level 37 (a shamrock) took me more than 100 tries. But I got the bastard.
    Aside from trying for perfection, though, it's a ton of fun blowing stuff up - especially when you get some nice chain reactions going.
    Anyhow, people should try this. Good stuff.

    • ErikVeland


    • Pablo Castillo

      Ahhh, yes...level 37...I still haven't been able to beat that damn level!  Suggestions, tips, clues, PLEASE, I'm going nuts!

  • Browncoat1984

    I'm a happy camper today between this and nabbing all of ID Software's games during their appstore sale.

  • Dib

    I was surprised to see it on sale for free like this.  It's one of the few apps I bought outright based on screenshots and description alone, without even consulting reviews or waiting for a sale.

    Then I talked a couple other people into buying it as well.  I don't mind having already paid for it, but it seemed like it was receiving plenty of exposure without needing to resort to a giveaway.  Perhaps this is due entirely to the generosity of the developers.  Either way, it's a great game that is accessible to most types of players (veterans as well as casual) and easily worth the $1.

  • Rae

    this game is awesome. Frigging worth a download even if it isnt free. I hope they come out with more levels and bombs. If they keep at this game, (the developers) this could be top of the charts.