Defiant Development, the Brisbane-based studio responsible for Rocket Bunnies [$.99 / HD], is now one of many studios looking to dazzle Diablo fans with a future Diablo-like game. The hook for the purposes of this news story is that Defiant’s forthcoming dreary medieval fantasy hack-and-slash RPG is coming to iOS, and it’ll feature some pretty stellar 3D visuals and a point-and-click interface that works well for the platform.

The game in question is called Quick Quest. Defiant shared the quick game announcement with our fair message board and included a video from the alpha build of the game. You can that see right below this dreadful text junk you’ve been reading:

Looks great, right? I’ve fired off an e-mail to Defiant in the hopes of grabbing more cool information, and of course, a release date. I’m so ready for this game.

  • Anonymous

    This looks really well done, though the gestures seem a little finicky at this point. As long as it has a decent amount of content, I'd buy it at a high price.

  • Guest

    I hope they have additional controls like analog stick.

    I can't imagine using touch based controls for a dungeon type game, especially on the iPhone 4.

    Besides the controls though, the game does look promising. Will keep my eyes peeled for the game.

    • Anonymous

      Well I see what they're going for.  Diablo and Torchlight play exactly like this.  Click ALL THE THINGS!

      But I'm not sure that translates as well to a touchscreen.  Might get annoying after a while.

  • Cjohnson4355

    I love Diablo - Fact Diablo 3 is my most anticipated release yet this year. This game however doesn't remind me of Diablo  in the slightest. Diablo was about decimating hordes of monsters as fast as you can, the game thru WAVES of mobs at you at once. This looks really boring game play taping were you need to move and tap to attack.

    This just wouldn't feel like Diablo tapping all over the screen. Tap to move, tap to attack, and tap the health potions like mad because 5 mobs are beating you down as you tap on  the first attacker you see.

    • Guest

      It's pretty much like that early-game in Diablo games, no?

      I still remember beginning diablo II and just spamming attack until I got some useful skills.

      I do see where you're coming from though, I can't imagine any iOS game having the fluidity or the speed of Diablo II.

      • Cjohnson4355

        Diablo was slow in the beginning too yes, but by lvl 10 you did have some decent skills to use, and the game was already fast paced. 

        Halfway thru the above video clip you see a "you are now lvl 9" float above the toons head, as he is standing in a room with 1 monster, that he just tapped on, swung his sword, and wacked dead.  Hmm ok that was exciting..... gameplay didn't look any different than previously

        Dunno, I think we haven't seen a lot of IOS Diablo clones for a reason, other than Gamelofts Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2. Honestly I don't see how this type of game could be better then what we already have currently.

      • Anonymous

        It "reminds" me of Diablo but besides the fluidity you mention, any iOS Diablo-clone will be hard pressed to match the complexity of the real series.  Even the first game had randomizaiton and itemizaiton complexity that iOS variants haven't even begun to approach yet.

    • Anonymous

      The first Diablo had a lot of tactical wall/door maneuvers, casting a spell in a room and running, or turning a wrong corner could leave you dead... the dungeon layout looks like it has some potential for this type of gameplay.

  • Masa

    It's look better than Diablo III 😉 This game reminds me the RPG Ancien Evil on Winmo. I played a lot this game!

  • awoody17

    wow, loving the music.

  • Anonymous

    looks great, although the taptaptapswipetaptaptap controls are driving me nuts just looking at them.  i don't hold the ipad that way.


    I dont think I want to be tapping the screen that much....carple tunnel syndrome anyone!
    I would prefer a d-pad and some buttons. The ipad is to big to be tapping everywhere you want to go.

    • Huy Ngo

      Having a D-pad and buttons would be way worse for carpel tunnel syndrome!  It's because your hands are locked in a specific position when holding it like a controller.  Touch interfaces are much more preferable to controllers and mice for those who suffer from carpel tunnel because your hands are not necessarily tied to the same position.  I could use my pointer finger with the rest of the fingers closed, or I could use my open hand with any finger, I could use my knuckle, my tongue, my toes, whatever!  Sure most of us wouldn't dream of using anything but the first option, but hey, at least there are options!

  • GodSon

    I Hope Quick Quest isn't going to be a Quick Game. >.>

  • Hey. Stupid name for a game.

    What a stupid name for a game.  You think they could've came up with something with a little more thought put into it.

  • Craig Miller

    Day one purchase if they add analog stick controls.

  • HisDivineOrder

    This just proves that Diablo 3 has no reason not to show up on the iPad except pigheadedness.  

    • Anonymous

      You're kidding, right?  This game might resemble Diablo some miniscule way but Dialbo 3 is in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT league in terms of, well, everything.  Ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it's good. Man it's stupid how apple boasts about its 100k AppStore when 99% of em are shit especially the games. Devs really need to put more passion into their apps