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‘Zombieville USA’ Updated, ‘Zombieville 2’ Announced

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Mika Mobile’s third-person, side-scrolling shooter Zombieville USA [$1.99] hit the App Store in early 2009. Considering the growth of the App Store and the amount of different handhelds Apple has released since the game’s initial launch, I think its safe to call it prehistoric. To put another spin on that: I remember reviewing the game at another outlet as part of a new initiative to cover the budding platform. Wild! But anyway, I’m bringing all this up to pound home the point that Mika Mobile isn’t done with the game quite yet despite its relative age. Intriguing, yes?

In a new update, the studio has added fancy retina display graphics, as well as support for “fast app switching,” which is another indication of its advanced age. Also, Universal support has been added, ensuring that you’ll, from now on, get two copies of the game for the price of one. Zombieville has been 2011-ized, in other words.

I’d imagine all of this work ultimately serves the purpose to promote Zombieville USA 2 and perhaps comfort new fans who might flock to the old title. That’s right; Zombieville 2 is a thing that was announced alongside this update and, according to Mika Mobile, it’s coming as soon as this ‘summer.’ Neat!

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