A new sale is sweeping the App Store in light of the release of Zombie Gunship [$.99]. Creator Limbic Software is offering its Tower Madness games and Nuts! for $0 in celebration of this latest morsel of awesomeness. This is a sale with a total of two middling-to-good titles that should keep you pre-occupied if Gunship isn’t in your wheelhouse. If it is, well, I suppose this is the icing on the cake.

Here’s the quick hit sales list:

We checked out Zombie Gunship earlier at WWDC 2011 in San Francisco. It’s basically an AC-130 game that has you defending key objectives from an endless zombie horde. If you’re familiar with any recent Call of Duty titles, you’ll probably appreciate the AC-130 action part of the title more than flight enthusiasts. It has a similar look and feel to those mini-game sections in Activision’s uber-popular war franchise.

More is coming to Zombie Gunship, by the way. At GDC, we were told that more zombie types, more weapons, and even more locations are coming in a free update. Neat!

UPDATE: Nuts! is also part of the deal. We've updated the list to reflect that.

  • Morrison1

    An iPad version would be nice. Is that anywhere on the horizon?

    • http://www.limbic.com [Limbic] Iman

      We launched Zombie Gunship for the iPhone/iPod Touch with the intention of eventually producing either an iPad version or Universal update if the game continues to remain popular.  Thanks so much for the request!

      • Nmsg33

        Yeah, a universal app usually gives it a better incentive to people to buy the app...I know I'm more likely to buy a universal game than a non universal game if I'm deciding which apps to buy.

        Thanks for nuts being free, never heard of it before and it's an awesome game 🙂

      • http://superfloo.us Bradtastic Brad Chin

        I would LOVE to play Zombie Gunship natively on iPad. Really dig the iPhone version though.

  • eLmo

    Been playing this game all day since its release on my iPad2, wish they had a HD version, or at least universal. Still trying to figure out how the radar upgrade works, the machine gun is ur best friend during the later parts of the game. Only gotten to ~540 zombies before I get overrun, I dont know how people are topping the rankings with like 2900 kills....

    • [Limbic] Iman

      The radar upgrade gives the radar more range (zombies will show up further away from the bunker for easier tracking).  Thanks for requesting a Universal/HD version!  We're impressed by the top scores too, some of our fans are certainly a lot better than we are!

      • eLmo

        Another cool idea would be if you added some additional random ambient voice chatter, of like the communications guy talkin, and other various radio and fellow crew members talk in while playing would be cool.

        It's fun to hook this game up to my 42 plasma and play, HD would be really cool here
        New levels will def make this game even more addicting, a raccoon city like level around like a huge umbrella building or bunker in the middle of a huge intersection or something with destructible blds (partial) so they still block ur view a bit

      • eLmo

        Of course, you would have to come up with a funny similar looking replacement for umbrella

  • Guest

    Is it possible to change the control scheme?  Like inverting the vertical and/or horizontal movement?

    • [Limbic] Iman

      Inverting controls isn't available in the current version (1.0), but I've jotted down your request in our suggestion tracking system.  We'll consider it for one of the upcoming updates.  Thanks for playing!

      • Guest

        Thank you for taking the time to respond.  Keep up the great work.

  • Zsaberstar

    Great game, a HD version would be nice. Can a new 'single shot' button be implemented? When I want to save a human that is being attacked by a zombie, I just slightly tapped the shoot button once but ended up shooting twice. So the human was saved and then shot to death by me...

    • I'm Batman

      don't upgrade the damage radius of the machine gun to zombies more snipe more accurately.

  • http://twitter.com/muchoipad nathan G

    I truly am enjoying this game.  The satisfaction of blowing up those little zombies is just to much.  My full thoughts : http://www.muchoipad.com/2011/08/zombie-gunship-ipad-review.html

  • http://twitter.com/muchoipad nathan G

    I truly am enjoying this game.  The satisfaction of blowing up those little zombies is just to much.  My full thoughts : http://www.muchoipad.com/2011/08/zombie-gunship-ipad-review.html

  • chengkun he