It all started when Ryan Henson Creighton, awesome dad and game developer, decided to take his daughter Cassie to the TOJam game jam in Toronto, Canada. With his daughter he created Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, a free to play Flash game with art, voices, and design done entirely by five year old Cassie. Since then it has become somewhat of a worldwide sensation, and through donations Ryan has raised nearly $3,000 to put towards Cassie's education. The game is good, too. It's probably the craziest point and click adventure game I've ever played through, and it's basically impossible for the story of its creation (and success) to be any more heartwarming.

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure [$2.99] was just released for the iPad on the App Store, further expanding the Cassie's Ponycorn empire. Check out the trailer below to see what it's all about:

The game itself is short, and really, you can play it in its entirety for free online if you want… Or if you've got an iPad you can grab it on the App Store to pitch an additional $3 to Cassie's education fund.

  • Fuzzy Professor Head


  • Tower Defender

    Ready to crush heads and rip spines.

  • Briker Ed

    I dare to say most people like this game for a different reason than cute.... Cause it seems, bear with me, somewhat 'retarded' - wait; in a good way. You know, like you'd enjoy a 'retarded' joke. I loled watching the playthrough on youtube but I don't want to play it myself, or watch it again for that matter. Once the novelty wears off it just becomes annoying, for me at least it did. Also, replay and/or extended play value? 

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's not retarded at all, it's actually quite good.

      • JCman7

        I agree Eli its awesome! haha its really funny and quite creative! I want myself a ponycorn!

  • vitara

    Father-daughter projects can't get any better than this. Especially with a noble cause of raising fund for a child's education. The main attraction is the typically childish graphic, which brings a new atmosphere to this kind of game. Considering the fact that it was also done by a so cute 5 y.o. like Cassie, who can resist? I'll pay more than 3 bucks.

    • Nick

      As a dad, hearing that kind of stuff warms my heart.

      Kudos to you.

  • Steve

    So when is the Gameloft clone coming out?

    • guest

      haha this made my day

  • Adams Immersive

    There is a chance I may quease.

  • Ratchet Lombax

    YES!! A PONY RELATED POST! I've been waiting forever for a chance to discuss the merits of Pinkie Pie.

    • Nick

      Bronies unite!!!

      Ahem, I mean...

      Oh, hell, I'm a total bronie!

      • Ratchet Lombax


  • John Usher

    Oh 🙁 iPad only. I need this on my iPod I hope it comes out for all iOS devices.

  • Jeff Richards

    Loved the story behind the game, bought it right away, and it's actually really adorable. (Can't say I'm impressed by the "retarded" comments... thought that word had gone the way of "N*gger" and "f*ggot*, but I guess we aren't quite there yet.)

    Hats off to Ryan and Cassie!

    • Stevenmilligan

      I don't think either of those words have gone anywhere. Ignorant people will always use some kind of prejudicial slur.

  • Guest

    And all this time, I thought "ponycorn" was what you get when you put ponies in the microwave. Sure, "Pop-ponies" would be more precise, but (in my vision) Ponycorn is the brand whose bag expands into a bowl that looks like a stable!

  • Nick

    If anyone pirates this game, they deserve to be subjected to an eternity of Chinese water torture.

    I can't wait to play this with my kids, and tell them the story behind it.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

  • Nick

    Okay, played through it with my twin 6 year old daughters, each had a turn. They loved it! Were quite tickled by the idea, and very much want a ponycorn themselves.

    Do note, this is a very short game. I'd never payed the flash version, do I didnt know what to expect, but to play it twice through took MAYBE 15 minutes max.

    Knowing my daughters they'll play it a million times, just like the million of times they listened to the infinite Parry Gripp songs. Currently, turtle is in rotation.