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[Update: Out in NZ] New Trailer for ‘Reckless Getaway’ Follow-Up Title to ‘Reckless Racing’ from Pixelbite Games

Last Fall, Pixelbite Games brought us Reckless Racing [99¢/HD], an arcade-style top-down racer with gorgeous graphics, great controls, and a fun physics system. We really liked Reckless Racing in our review, and now Pixelbite has announced a follow up to the game titled Reckless Getaway.

The “getaway” in the title refers to the different approach to the gameplay in this new game. Instead of standard race tracks, there will be 16 different tracks that feature a long stretch of terrain filled with objects and other traffic to avoid. The goal is to escape the police who are chasing after you, and Pixelbite pegs the classic Spyhunter as their main inspiration with a bit of the Burnout series thrown in for good measure. Sounds pretty great to me, and looks even better in the following trailer:

Initially, there will only be the two playable vehicles that you see in the video, a muscle car and an armored truck. But Pixelbite has designed the game to be easily added to via updates, and they’ll be following the player feedback closely to see what sorts of things they’ll be adding to the game post-release. One of my favorite things about Reckless Racing was how fun it was to just drive, skirting around corners and searching for hidden jumps within the tracks. The prospect of that being translated into this style of getaway gameplay is pretty exciting.

No firm release date is set just yet for Reckless Getaway, but there is a thread in our forums where you can discuss the game and we’ll bring you any new details when we get them.

Update: Well it looks like we barely had time to get excited for the game, as Reckless Getaway has just popped up in the New Zealand App Store. It should filter across the various App Store regions throughout the day, and finally land in the US App Store at 11pm EST tonight. Until then, you can check the thread in our forums for early impressions from international buyers.

New Zealand App Store Link: Reckless Getaway, $2.99 (Universal)