It feels like a long shot, but there’s a chance we could see Octodad 2 on the iPad. The Young Horses, an incorporated branch of the original Depaul Game Experience crew, has revealed that it’s working on a follow-up to the original, and depending on how the funding fairs, we could see  additional projects like a motion-controlled console port, a booth for gaming conventions like PAX, and a possible iPad port.

Octodad is a curious third-person PC and Mac adventure game that has you, as the eponymous character, masquerading as a human and constructing a mannequin so you can avoid having dinner with your wife. The overall goal is to never be suspected as anything less than a loving, human husband, which is harder than it sounds. Movement in particular is abstract. You use a combination of thrusts and button presses with the mouse in order to plant on foot in front of the other recreating, somewhat, the gait of a human.

I’m... cautiously optimistic about how the movement mechanics in particular will translate to the iPad, but I’d love to see it despite the questions that I have. The Kickstarter page for Octodad 2 features the following video that teases some of what you’ll see in the sequel.

No firm release date for Octodad 2 has been noted. You can bide your time with the original, for free, at the game's official web site.

  • Dmarcoot

    That is pure awesome

  • Anonymous

    This looks incredibly un-fun

  • Janelle

    Any relation to octomom?